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Away Hsc Discovery Standard Essay

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This is evident in Michael Gow’s play “Away”, as seen through the characters of Coral, Tom and Gwen. All three characters gain insight and knowledge into their lives through the different perceptions and ideas of discovery. Similarly, in Genevieve Clay’s Tropfest short film “Be My Brother”, Amanda gains … Into how prejudice and discrimination can lead to misconceptions of the potential of others.
As a result of her discovery, Coral gains sight and knowledge when Tom awakens her at the amateur night. After the death of her son in the Vietnam war, coral was emotionally disconnected from reality, evident in the play “A midsummer night’s dream” when coral reveals in her soliloquy that she was “sitting in the dark, wiping away tears.“ Coral feeling sensitive at a funny play makes it clear how trapped she is. At the Gold Coast Luxury Hotel, coral says to Rick “come into the dark, give me your hand a boy like you.” The dialogue illustrates that coral envisions rick as her son by inviting him into the dark, highlighting her deep loss for her son and need for a discovery to accept his death. During the mise en abyme, “The Stranger on the Shore” Tom helps coral to “walk again” both metaphorically and literally” This is coral’s liberation from her grief.
Tom, the catalyst for change gains sight and knowledge into accepting his impending death. The opening of the play starts with the ending of “A midsummer night’s dream” where Tom as Puck says “Gentles, do not reprehend. If you pardon, we will mend” foreshadowing Tom’s healing role in the play.
Although Tom seems in the least need of discovery, he still gains understanding and acceptance of his condition evident through reading “King Lear”. The scene is set outside, displaying a positive atmosphere and reinforcing the healing power of nature. Nature contrasts the garish, artificial light of the opening scene. Through the Shakespearean allusion of “King Lear” Tom's discovery becomes apparent as he...

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