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Axe Body Sprays Essay

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The premiere body scents that each Axe commercial consistently portrays is SEX! Each commercial is full of sexual tenacity, which draws in both men and women. The message behind each Axe commercial is pretty straightforward: Use their body spray and women will pursue you. Axe body spray is heavily advertised nowadays and I presuppose that the way they market their product correlates with their sales. We have all became familiar with the phrase that “sex sells” and undoubtedly we see that this approach works. Axe cleverly created a motto to make the audience believe in their products sexual appeal and it also portrays an underlying magical trait to it. By looking in depth into their commercials, we are able to notice how Axe accomplishes such a successful advertising strategy and has became an object that exemplifies turning a wild fantasy into reality by one spray of their marvelous product.
In 2008, Axe released their newest smell called “Dark Temptation” and in this commercial we are taken on a journey of a young adult male who confidently struts his new smell. The advertisement begins with in a stark white bathroom with an average looking young male who is holding a can of Dark Temptation in his hand. The only sounds that are heard are a couple of sprays, which are emanating from the can. After setting the can down on the toilet top, we clearly see that with the contrast of colors and bleak items it is hard not to notice the word “AXE”. After a quick silence, a melodic tune of “Sweet touch of love” by Allen Toussaint fades in and the view is returned to the mirror. However this time, the slender teenage has now transformed into a daunting upbeat man made of chocolate. His jolly smile seems almost resistant to movement no matter what he tries. After a quick look in the mirror, the chocolate man ventures out into a heavily populated metropolitan city during the retro era. The sexual connotation of the product is now promoted as a girl inhales in the magnificent chocolate smell flowing from the man while he strolls down the street. He then proudly breaks off part of his nose and crumbles it on the two girls ice cream while they stare intensely as he carries on. The scene then moves to two more attractive females simultaneously licking his soft chocolaty skin in the movie theater while he proudly has both of his arms around them. Next is a hospital scene where the mystical man shows part of his hand as a surprise to the girl who giggles away at his gesture. The chocolate man is now seen standing on the bus while a lady bites part of his body and he happily allows it. The last scene shows a mob of girls plaster to the window inside of the gym. As he waves to them a convertible flies by and his left arm is taken away. The words “As irresistible as chocolate. New Axe Dark Temptation” appear while the chocolate man waves bye to the girl in the car. Once more, the words “AXE” comes through some melted chocolate as the commercial ends.
I certainly...

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