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Introduction with Background Information
Axe is one of the 400 brands which is belonged to Unilever Company. The portfolio of this multinational company focuses on health and wellbeing mainly, including food, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products. Many world-leading brands including Axe, Lipton, Knorr, Dove, Hellmann’s and Omo are some of these brands (
Axe Brand, which was named Lynx in Europe, was first launched in France in 1983 as a teenage boys’ grooming category ( For its first 19 years since 1983, AXE brand has developed its market merely in Europe. Later on, in 2002, AXE was introduced to another big market-- the U.S and increased its target customers ( Now, it marketed in more than 60 countries worldwide. As a result, Axe is the world's best-selling male grooming product, and the first runner up of the sales of deodorant worldwide. Rexona is still the lead brand (
The brand started to develop other products besides body-sprays for men in the past decade. For example, they launched a line of anti-per spirant and deodorant sticks, with shower gels, and hair care products for guys from 2004 to 2009 ( They even has introduced some body spray for women since 2010 ( Axe also sells deodorant roll-on, antiperspirant aerosol spray, antiperspirant stick, aftershaves and eau de toilette, and skin care products (
Commercial Campaigns
Besides new products and packing, the Axe brand has its own communications campaign annually for over 15 years, and part of Axe brand’s promotions are through mass media. Due to its successful advertisements, Unilever (AXE) recently became the 2013 winner of the Global Marketing (
The elements which were included in these years was diversiform; from fairy tales style (BBH London, 1998), to monstrous concept (Lowe Bull Calvert Pace, South Africa, 2003); and from warmish atmosphere (Lowe Lintas & Partners, Brazil, 2000) to sexually content (Lowe Hunt, Sidney, 2005) ( However, according to most of the commercials they did before, their advertisements are well known for sexual humor and exaggerated scenarios and exaggerated scenarios that play into male fantasies. Significant changes about the campaign has changed in the year of 2014. The way how the company promoted the Axe Peace fragrance line gave a new idea to the public with its content and meaning behind.
The new global campaign and commercial advertisement is related to peace. The concept behind the advertisement and its marketing campaign was developed with the Peace fragrance because Axe often visits college campuses and they finds peace and harmony are the topics and themes that are supported by students ( Thus, it aims to generate the awareness of the peace message, as well as encouraging...

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