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Axe: Taking The Youth Of The Nation By Surprise

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Axe, has taken the youth of the nation by surprise, and more specifically the males. Axe is a brand of male grooming products that are marketed toward young males. So one would wonder what the problem with that is. Well, of course good hygiene and fresh scents are important to the youth of United State, but at what extent should one go to market that. Axe advertisements have gone so far to even promote the idea that there products help young males attract women. Axe body spray’s ad slogan “How Dirty Boys Get Clean”, truly has many people wondering what the meaning behind it is. Women in general are objectified and are at the expense of sexism in these ads. This theme was created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty, an advertisement marketer it entails: Use Axe body sprays and women will pursue you. It is clear that the average teenage male would be engulfed in this product. So, one could say that Axe has reached the goal of obtaining there public, but then one can’t help to notice that the company at the same time is sending a negative image to public that largely influences their main audience. Mothers, girlfriends, and wives are the primary shoppers of the household, therefore one cannot ignore that they are the primary public also. By analyzing three Axe deodorant television ads. I will illustrate how the setting, plot and dialogues reinforce gender stereotypes.
“It is a disgusting and offensive commercial. Garbage like that should be shown on HBO or some other venue of scum to the moral and sexual deviants that it appeals to. One good thing about living in a Muslim country is that people who make commercials like this one are dealt with by the religious police by being put under the jail and flogged”(Dragon,2010). This quote was from a blog in which members where outraged by the “Balls Cleaning” Axe commercial. This commercial has attractive a lot of negative publicity and has resulted in many viewers really changing their mind on purchasing Axe products. The crude humor and double entendre the commercial unveils is just obscene for the prime time television market. The commercial begins with “the host” Denese Sinclaire a attractive brunette, who comes onto the set of what looks like a infomercial to advertise an new Axe product. The camera places you in the audience facing the set, in the background there is a huge Axe neon light sign, and a island table in which a series of sport equipment is placed on. Denese introduces Monica Blake who is played by Jaime Pressley. Monica is a former tennis champions. Already you can tell that the commercial is going to be focused on two females, and the brand name is emphasized. As they start introducing the fact that is hard to clean your balls, as Monica Blake holds up a soccer ball. Denese poses a question on “how can guys...

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