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The battle between Nividia and Amd has been waging sence 1993. Which company has the best gpu? Which company provides the best gaming experiance? well thats exactly what this paper is about. this paper states that the nividia genforce gtx 780 ti provides a better gaming experiance than the amd radieon r9 290 x. these two cards currently (as of december of 2013) are the best cards for gaming that money can buy. also it is stated that all benchmarks temperature tests, and fps counts are done with the same cpu, motherboard, ram, psu, and cooling technology. So lets end this battle once and for all.

first, lets discuss CUDA cores and shader units. These are both practicly the same thing, just from diffent companys. CUDA stands for compute unifies device achitecture ( Nividia 3). these powerful units can be manipulated for any of your graphical needs. they can process images in ultra high resolutions, or even work together to make a super realistic phisics engine. (hint: look in paragraph 5 for more information on that). for the number people out ther the Gtx 780 ti has 2880 CUDA cores( newegg 10). Also the R9 290x has 2880 shader units (newegg is measured in 10). so as you can see there isnt any diffences in power there.
next, lets talk about clock speeds. clocks speeds are basicly how fast your gpu can use its hardware to pocess the graphics in your game. the clock speed of a graphics card id measured in mhz. a mhz is 1 million hz. it is also important to note that gpus have stock clocks and most gaming gpus can boost there clock speed to achieve a boost clock. this boosting is

called overclocking. (more about that in paragraph 4). the Gtx 780 ti has a stock clock speed of 980mhz(newegg 10). all though the R9 290x has a stock speed of 1ghz or 1000mhz. So the R9 290x (newegg 11). so the R9 290x has 20 more mhz than the 780ti which isnt much more performance. those mhz might be the difference between 71 fps in BF4 and 75 fps, which isnt much.
next, lets talk about temperature. temperature has the potential to really boost your performance, but on the other hand temperature can also destroy your entire computer. the temperature of both the 780 ti and the R9 290x should both , while in game , should be between 60 and 80 degrees celcius. Amd states “our cool temp 2.0 technology allows a game to run smoothly but still at cooler temp”. regardless of that the gtx 780 ti runs about 25 - 20 degeese cooler. this keeps the fan speeds down making your rig quieter for when you play games without a sound cancelling...

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