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Ayn Rand Essay

1964 words - 8 pages

This essay will discuss the life and works of Ayn Rand. The
woman who would become Ayn Rand was born Alice
Rosenbaum on February 2, 1905. (Branden, Barbara pg.3
1986). She was born during the eleventh year of Nicholas
II's reign in Russia.(Baker pg.1 1987). Rand's birth was
just before a revolution in Russia, however this revolution
was put down by her first year.(Branden, Barbara pg.3
1986). The Rosenbaum's lived quite comfortably under the
czar.(Baker pg.1 1987). Beneath their large apartment was
Fronz Rosenbaum's chemist shop.(Branden, Barbara pg. 4
1986). Rand's father was a serious man whom she never
knew very well.(Branden, Barbara pg.4 1986). Ayn's
mother, Anna Rosenbaum, was the opposite of her father
and was very sociable. (Branden, Barbara pg. 4-5 1986).
As a child, Rand did not have a true sense of affection with
her father. (Branden, Barbara pg.5 1986). However, she
did develop a strong bond of love with him as she grew
older. (Branden, Barbara pg. 4 1986). Ayn did not get
along well with her mother. (Branden, Barbara pg.5 1986).
Although the Rosenbaum family was traditionally Jewish, it
is said that Rand really did not have a religious upbringing.
(Baker pg.2 1987). As a result, she became atheist as a
child after coming to the conclusion that believing in God is
degrading to humans in the sense that man should live for
no one else but himself. (Baker pg.3 1987). Rand
discovered a passion for upbeat, lively music which she
began collecting on records. (Branden, Barbara pg.8
1986). By the time she was five years of age, she had two
little sisters, Natasha and Elena. (Branden, Barbara pg.7
1986). As a whole, Ayn's childhood was not a pleasant
experience for her; in later years it proved to be an
unhappy memory as well. (Branden, Barbara pg.34 1986).
Ayn Rand received a good education and learned to read
and write at age six. (Baker pg.2 1987). She found her
classes boring and too easy. (Baker pg.2 1987). This led
her to begin writing simple short stories and novels. (Baker
pg.2 1987). Rand's inability to fit in socially at school and
her boredom with the education she was receiving led her
to become somewhat of a recluse with one exception: her
passion for literature. (Branden, Barbara pg.11 1986).
Literature seemed to absorb Ayn more than any other
thing; it intrigued her and gave her much pleasure to read
and soon, to write. (Branden, Barbara pg.11 1986). "She
would sit in school, barricaded behind a book, scribbling
furiously at her latest adventure, wanting only to be alone,
to write, to devise dangerous exploits for her characters."
(Branden, Barbara pg.11 1986). Rand's decision to
become a writer became certain at age nine. (Baker pg.2
1987). The decision was made while walking down a
London street that she would devote her life to writing.
(Branden, Barbara pg.14 1986). When the great war in
Russia began, Ayn started writing stories with "the intensity
that the times demanded". (Baker pg.2 1987). Rand...

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