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Love or Death?
True love leads to tragic death; or at least that is what happens in the Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet. Most people who have heard of this play would describe it starting as a comedy, and ending in a tragedy. Many would debate that Romeo and Juliet was not a true love story; that it only involved rebellion and quarrels between two families. However, a lot of evidence points to it being a true love story.
One reason many people believe Romeo and Juliet is a true love story is because it is, in fact, a true love story. According to Raven Moss, “Teenagers know what love is because they are more open minded to things like love” (Moss para 1). What Moss is trying to say is ...view middle of the document...

What Oswalt is trying to say is that when teenagers find a fondness to their partner, they become interested in trying new things like getting more passionate with romance. In that time period, it was tradition, or ordinary, to marry at a very young age. When Juliet receives the news that she has to marry an older man she does not love, she may have rushed to find a way out. As published in Peele’s online observation, “Romeo goes instantaneously from pathological lovesickness to total infatuation” (Peele para 4). Based on Peele’s observation and the play Romeo and Juliet, We can see that Romeo does in fact have unsteady feelings. He goes from being in love with Juliet’s cousin, and not getting her love in return, to wanting to marry Juliet the night he meets her. In some ways it may seem that both Romeo and Juliet are desperately trying to rebel against their families because they have hated each other for far too long; or that they have simply fallen head over heel in love.
Another example would be that Romeo and Juliet’s love story was only a tragic death of two young lovers. According to Robert William, “It is classified in the manuscript as a tragedy, but the death of two young lovers is anything but a tragedy” (William para 4). Looking at Williams suggestion, it is clear that the death of two teenagers is devastating, but when it is true love it ends up being far from a happy ending, and instead, being a tragedy unlike William claims. Romeo and Juliet is clearly stated as a tragic love story, but it may just be the events of the other characters’ deaths that bring tears to our eyes. As heard from Robert William, “Shakespeare is trying his hand at a different sort of tragedy” (William para 4)? The play appears to start as a comedy with people giving puns and every one parting, but then suddenly twists into a tragedy on Mercutio’s “accidental” death. Based on...

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