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Azrael Essay

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Chapter One: Black Clouds
Screams of terror and dark enjoyment echoed off of the halls. From men, women, and even children, it was hell and Fin had woken up in it. Her small five year old body was shaking as her hands held tiny fists of blanket. She was starring into darkness, too frightened to move but the screams were getting closer. Her body moved quickly deciding for her, in an attempt to save itself from whatever was creating the horror.
Her hand smacked the light, it flickered dimming and her heart jumped. Fin knew that the flickering wasn’t electrical. It was the darkness. She threw herself out the door, a scream catching in her throat as she saw the dark monster at the end of the hallway coming for her. Fin pushed herself in the opposite direction she knew if she could just stay ahead of it she would be okay.
Fin looked to the doors lining the hallway searching for someone anyone who could help her. However, the faceless, those consumed by the darkness, were there. When they saw her they groaned happily, stretching the steel of the doors trying to grab her, but as long as the light stayed on her she was safe.
A loud pop brought that safety down as she looked behind her instinctively. It was too close, but Fin pushed her body to go faster as the lights exploded one by one each deafening pop brought her deeper into hysteria and darkness. The air was thick with the creatures hot breath. Its large crystal teeth seemed to be all around her ready to snap its jaws and take her life.
Fin cried in relief as she saw the door growing ever closer. “If I can reach it I’ll be safe. I’ll be-” Her heart stopped but Fin ran harder when she noticed a small body slumped against the door. “Harley!” She screamed, “Harley, no!” Harley didn’t move. “Harley please wake up we have to leave!”
Fin jerked on the giant door causing it to pop and Harley twitched unnaturally in response. “Harley? Harley?” Harley’s tiny body began to flinch to life but there was something off about her movements. Fin didn’t care the darkness would be on them soon and if she wanted to save either of them she had to get the door open, but then Harley growled.
Fin let go in astonishment at the sound and looked down at her sister. Harley’s eyes were a dead white, her teeth jagged, and there was a pale darkness about her skin. Harley screamed pushing Fin away from her and the door.
“No!” Fin cried as the darkness loomed over Fin. Quickly, Fin scrambled to her feet and Harley laughed her hands growing into long dark tendrils. “No,” Fin sobbed as she watched the darkness voluntarily crawl across her sister.
Fin launched for the door and screamed as the darkness grabbed her feet pulling her back. This left Fin hanging in mid-air, her hands holding onto the door with all her might as it cracked and popped under the strain. However nothing could take her eyes from Harley. The darkness pulled harder, Fin screamed, and the door groaned.
“You let me die!” Harley screamed her voice distorted and...

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