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The Aztec Indians created a great civilization in Central Mexico, reaching its peak in the 1500's. Being late arrivals to the area, and because of their strong neighboring nations, they were forced to live in the swampy western areas of the Lake Texcoco. Because of the swampy surroundings, the Aztecs used mud to create miniature islands in the swamps. These islands are called chinampas, or "floating gardens," and were used as farming lands. On these fertile islands they grew corn, squash, vegetables, and flowers.Being an agriculturally dependant empire, the Aztec's religion was based highly on the forces of nature and worshipped them as gods. The god of war, Huitzilopochtli, was the most important deity. They had many other important gods, such as Tlaloc, the god of rain, Quetzalcoatl, the god of wind and of learning, and Tenochtitlan, the sun god. The Aztecs believed in order to appease these and many other gods that they needed to perform human sacrifices. The main purpose of the great Aztec pyramids was, in fact, human sacrifices. They also believed that there were "lucky" and "unlucky" days for baptism and to declare war on, which were decided by a priest.Most art and architecture in the Aztec civilization was based on their religion. There are many brightly colored murals and paintings on walls and on bark which depict religious ceremonies, along with large idols of gods. One of the most amazing and famous of the Aztec's art works is a huge calendar stone that weighs 22 tons and is 12 feet in diameter. On the stone is a picture of what the Aztecs thought the universe was like. The sun god is in the middle, with the heavens surrounding it, and pictures of people made out of precious stones. The Aztec form of writing was in pictographs, or small pictures symbolizing objects or sounds. The Aztec numbering system used pictographs also, and was based on the number 20. For example, a flag represented 20, a fir tree represented 20 times 20, or 400,...

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1537 words - 6 pages The Aztec were a very interesting group of people. They had a very advanced civilization for there time which you will learn about. They worshipped gods and sacrificed people and had a very religious life.The Aztec Ruled a mighty empire for more then 1,000 years! For a century the Aztecs of Tenochtitlan had been the greatest power in Mexico. As they grew in political status they became sophisticated and civilized. The Aztecs had a very neat

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978 words - 4 pages figure of Olmec mastery, elegant portrayals of Maya and Aztec noblewomen showcasing the integral roles women played in the social, political, economic, and spiritual realms of society, and miniature gold votives in the Muisca tradition ( Ancient Americans). Ancient Aztec art was primarily a form of religious expression and a means for paying tribute to their gods.The Aztec civilization originated in the area of present day Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada

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1237 words - 5 pages The center of the Aztec civilization was the Valley of Mexico, a huge, oval basin about 7,500 feet above sea level. The Aztecs were formed after the Toltec civilization occurred when hundreds of civilians came towards Lake Texcoco. In the swamplands there was only one piece of land to farm on and it was totally surrounded by more marshes. The Aztec families somehow converted these disadvantages to a mighty empire known as the Aztec Empire

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828 words - 4 pages civilization. When the Aztec empire was at its peak their territory stretched from what today is Central Mexico to Southern Mexico. It is important to go back and look at what made the Aztec empire one of the worlds greatest. The Aztec Empire flourished because its people came together in aspects of everyday life. Agriculture was very important for the Aztec empire to flourish. The Aztecs had a variety of methods of doing agriculture. One of the

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2740 words - 11 pages Texcoco. The whole island was around 12 miles in square size.Adapting to the Land The future did not look very good for the Aztecs. One reason was because the land that was on their island was almost mostly swamp, and they couldn't grow crops like corn for food or cotton for any kind of clothing. Also all of the timber and stone that they needed to build for huts was hardly even seen on that small island. However, the Aztec learned to use


1150 words - 5 pages stop Cortes because he thought Cortes was Quetzalcoatl, the god of civilization and learning. An Aztec legend said that Quetzalcoatl was driven away by a rival god and was headed across sea to present day Mexico. Quetzalcoatls return was said to be the year Ceacatl on the Aztec Calendar which is the same as 1519. Due to the legend, Montezuma II thought Cortes was Quetzalcoatl when he invaded the Aztec Empire. Montezuma II was taken prisoner by

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608 words - 2 pages of the tribes at the borders stayed strongly independent and this made it easy for the Spanish captain, Cortez to defeat when he invaded during 1520. Throughout the invasion, many Aztecs were slaughtered and more however, during this crucial time for the Aztecs, there was also a deadly outbreak of smallpox which along with the Spanish invasion; placed an end to the great Aztec empire. Nonetheless, the Aztecs were a truly remarkable civilization which dominated Meso America from the 14th to the 16th century and is a civilization which history will forever remember.

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532 words - 2 pages The Aztec Indians, who are known for their domination of southern and central Mexico, ruled between the 14th and 16th centuries. Their name is derived from Azatlan, the homeland of the north. The Aztecs also call themselves Mexica and there language came from the Nahuatlan branch of the Uto-Aztecan family.The Aztecs were formed after the Toltec civilization occurred when hundreds of civilians came towards Lake Texcoco. Late families were

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1046 words - 5 pages The book Daily Life of the Aztecs: On the Eve of the Spanish Conquest written by Jacques Soustelle gives a great insight into the Aztec people and their immersive culture. This book is set in Tenochtitlan and covers the span of the Aztec civilization to their invasion by the Spanish Conquistadors. This book brilliantly discusses the Aztec civilization like never before. I hope to show the importance of Aztec religion and education to their

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571 words - 2 pages the 1400's and early 1500's. They practiced a religion that affected every part of their lives. To worship the Aztecs built towering temples, created huge sculptures, and had human sacrifices. The center of Aztec civilization was a river valley in Mexico. The emperor of the Aztecs was called the "huey tlatoani" (great speaker). A council of high-ranking no bles chose him from the members of a royal family. The Aztec society had four

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889 words - 4 pages The Aztec and Aksum were great civilizations that they were very successful in the past. These two civilizations were different, because the Aztecs were well trained and respected warriors and the Aksums were advanced in technology in that period the Aksums were able to use iron and steel weapons. Despite their technological achievements the Aztec Warrior was more respected and well trained than a simple Aksum soldier.The Aztec civilization was

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1251 words - 6 pages Mexico's two highest mountains, but was of a low altitude itself. It was on an island in the middle of Lake Texcoco. But the whole Aztec Empire was located throughout southern and central Mexico. The Aztecs contributed a lot to our civilization. Two major contributions were the calendar, and their discoveries in mathematical techniques. Their calendar was dedicated to the sun god and was actually two calendars. One was called the Xiuhpohualli

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1140 words - 5 pages The Aztec civilization was the name given to the group of different states that dominated central and southern Mexico. These states were allied but ethnically different between the 12th and 16th centuries, around the time of the Spanish invasion.The Heinemann Australian Dictionary (1992) defines the word Aztec as:"a) any of a people inhabiting Mexico between A.D. 1100 and A.D. 1519 (the Spanish Invasion). b) their language, a variety of which is