B. Rapa Plants Lab On Heredity And Mendel's Laws High School Research Paper

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Daniel Peng
Hbio - Period 3
Brassica rapa Plants CER
Partners: David Song, Mukundh Murthy, Rachel Lu, Max Cohen
Claim Section:
Scientific Question: Based on the observations, how do the traits observed in B. rapa sprouts demonstrate
independent assortment? If you examine one parent population and members of the F1 population, can you
predict the phenotype ratios of the F2 Generation? If you examine one parent population, and members of the F1
and F2 Generations, can you determine the genotype and phenotype of the unseen parent?
Claims: The unknown parent’s genotype is ttPP, and the phenotype is dwarf/purple. Independent assortment
happened through the F1 to F2 generation.Both parent populations are homozygous for both sets of alleles and
therefore the entire F1 generation are TtPp, heterozygous, making them dihybrid. This is because “a dihybrid
organism is one that is heterozygous at two different genetic [alleles]”(Nature Edu). The dihybrid cross occurs
because “during gamete formation in a cross, a particular allele for one character can be paired with either allele
of another character.”(Prentice Hall).
1. Given one parent(homozygous tall/green) and the F1 generation(tall/purple), we can determine that the
unknown parent’s phenotype will either be tall/purple or dwarf/purple
2. Given one parent, the F1 and F2 generation, we will be able to accurately determine what the genotype
and phenotype is for the unknown parent. From this we will also be able to determine whether the traits
assort together or independently.
In our experiment, we began by examining the petri dish which contained one P generation and the F1
generation. The parent we were given was tall, green stemmed, and pure-breeding. The F1 generation were all
tall and purple. Then, when the F2 sprouts grew, we found a variety of traits; Tall/Purple, Tall/Green,
Dwarf/Purple, and Dwarf/Green. Our classes’ average of the punnett square of the dihybrid cross is shown in
Fig.1. Table 1 shows each individual classes’ results in the phenotypes of the F2 generation. Table 2 presents the
comparison between the expected phenotypic ratio and our own small group’s results. Table 3 and Table 4
explain the genotypes and phenotypes which results from the dihybrid cross with and without independent
assortment involved....

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