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B.Y.O.B And The Con Job Essay

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B.Y.O.B is the title of a song by System of a Down, a very political and inspiring metal group. The Con Job is poem by Charles Bukowski who is famous for a number of his poems. It’s easy to assume that B.Y.O.B and The Con Job are very similar in topic, yet different in the same sense. I will first discuss the song B.Y.O.B and then the poem The Con Job. Both the Song and the poem use examples and illustrations to show why they protest these wars.
B.Y.O.B is the first single released from the metal band System of a Downs fourth album Mezmorize, and written by the bands singer Serj Tankian. The song is written in protest against the Iraq war. B.Y.O.B means “Bring Your Own Bombs”, which is ...view middle of the document...

Charles goes on to describe the news casters and analyst as fat, white, and rich. This simple describes how the news media betrays a war with someone who knows nothing about it, yet can tell the world what he thinks. Towards the end of The Con Job it says “The fat white rich analyst told us why again and again on almost every TV and radio station almost every minute day and night”. This symbolizes how much the news and media will feed off a war for more viewers and money. The more “information” on the war the more they can feed to the public. This causes an array of problems being that some of the mass public audience only believe what they see on TV and hear on the radio. Charles uses his words wisely in this poem, calling out multiple theories and his thoughts on war and our government. This poem speaks to a lot of people including me.
The similarities in B.Y.O.B and The Con Job are almost uncanny, both about a Middle Eastern desert war. Serj and Charles both show their true emotions and feelings about the war, for instance Serj says “Barbarisms by Barbaras with pointed heels”. Barbarisms meaning extreme cruelty and Barbaras is another word for barbarians. All of it summing up to mean simple the brutality of war and the people who profit from it are simple barbarians making people believe in war and that is a necessity. Charles emotions seem to be every in his poem, but one that stuck out to me was when he finishes a line he says “Were sent...

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