B2 B Vs. B2 C Ethical, Legal And Regulatory Differences

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B2B vs. B2C Ethical, Legal and Regulatory DifferencesRoger ScottUniversity of PhoenixCourse: EBUS/400Instructor: Darrell OaklandAugust 9, 2007B2B vs. B2C Ethical, Legal and Regulatory DifferencesBusiness-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) sites face similar ethical, legal and regulatory issues that a typical 'brick and mortar' business would face; however, there are some differences in these issues between the two site types. These differences are driven primarily by the relationship between the business and its customer. Customers for B2B sites are typically other businesses and customers for B2C sites are typically the purchasing public. It would take an entire book to communicate all possible ethical, legal and regulatory differences and their affects on the two site types so the following will focus on, arguably, some of the major differences between the two business types on ethical, legal and regulatory issues.Ethical DifferencesBeing ethical means doing what is right and good and well as avoiding what is wrong or bad (ACCT, 2007). The difference in ethics between B2B sites and B2C sites lies in the actions taken by the business and its customers in respect to their relationships. B2B businesses share mutual and sometimes confidential information between each other. Ethical responsibility lies in the handling of this information by the employees of each business type. Protecting that information can be paramount to each businesses success and ability to maintain a strong relationship. An example of this type of ethics would be a Non-disclosure agreement signed between a software development organization and a software implementation organization acting as a partner of the development firm. Since the implementation organization would need access to confidential information regarding software architecture, code design or roadmaps, the sharing of this information outside of the agreement would be unethical and potentially damaging to the business relationship. B2B sites are also often members of industry organizations that have documented codes of ethics. Member businesses that collaborate can be assured that each promotes similar, if not identical, ethical standards. The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is an example of this. The Code and its supplemented Guidelines are intended to serve as a basis for ethical decision making in the conduct of professional work (ACM, 2003).In B2C there are typically no contracts of ethics to be signed so ethics revolve around moral obligations between businesses and consumer. Probably the most common ethical issue approached by this type of relationship is the right to privacy. A B2C site has an ethical responsibility to protect the personal information of its customers which is obtained through the normal process of business transactions, such as name, address, credit card or other personal information via online purchasing. At a minimum, the B2C...

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