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Morality Of U.S. Corporations Outsourcing American Jobs To Foreign Countries

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This paper argues the morality of U.S. Corporations outsourcing American jobs to foreign workers in other countries as well as the same corporations importing foreign workers to replace large numbers of their existing U.S. employees with lower wages and reduced benefits. The greed of American corporations is discussed and the impact their actions have on the U.S. economy and its citizens. The moral theory of Utilitarianism is examined to discover if the actions of these businesses have positive consequences for all workers, foreign and domestic, as well as equally positive effects on all countries involved. If there are both positive and negative effects, does the good outweigh the bad and if so, is it experienced equally across the board for both countries and their workers. Researched data is readily available on the number and types of jobs lost to outsourcing but very little research was found on the actual financial cost to the U.S. economy. The conclusion argues that more unbiased research needs to be done on the cost of these lost jobs to our economy, as well as the need for government regulations to monitor and limit the employment of foreign workers by U.S employers to a maximum percentage of their entire workforce.

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Outsourcing and the Negative Impact on the U.S.
III. Outsourcing is Essential to be Globally Competitive
IV. Arguments by the “For Outsourcing Group” and the “Against Outsourcing Group”
V. Conclusion

Has the amount of outsourcing done by U.S. companies in America risen to a level of self-destruction for the ordinary people of this country and its economy? That is the subject of much debate between politicians, economists, financial analysis’s, Fortune 500 Companies and middle class America. Outsourcing is the contracting or subcontracting of non-core activities to free up cash, personnel, time, and facilities for activities in which a company holds a competitive advantage. (Business In discussing this moral dilemma within the context of this paper, the term “outsourcing” encompasses both the outsourcing of American jobs to foreign countries as well as importing foreign workers by U.S. corporations for lower wages and fewer benefits. The moral issue surrounding the outsourcing of these jobs is reaching a boiling point for U.S. jobless workers and concerned citizens, who believe that big business cares more about making huge profits than the future of the American people in this country. The argument here is not only should our country outsource jobs, but if so, should there be regulations that limit corporations to a maximum percentage of foreign workers allowed at any given time.

Outsourcing and the Negative Impact on America
Outsourcing is not new to the U.S., it has been around since the 1970’s, when IBM became the first major corporation to outsource the research and development of information technology to...

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