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Babies By Design Essay

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We are on the cusp of breaking into a new era in which we will have the ability to genetically engineer our children with any qualities that we see fit. We will be able to reupholster their organs, rid them of any genetic diseases, and mentally program them to behave in a civil manner. Genetic engineering will follow in the footsteps of plastic surgery and become the norm rather than exotic. This normalization of genetic engineering will lead us to begin shaping the human species through the manipulation of the human genome. One leader in the bioethics community, Ronald M. Green, has already expressed his opinion about the future of genetic engineering.
Ronald M. Green is a summa cum laude graduate of Brown University and received his Ph.D. in religious ethics from Harvard University in 1973. Professor Green has immense knowledge in genetic ethics, biomedical ethics, and ethics in organizations due to his service on the Bioethics Committee of the March of Dimes and his membership on the Human Embryo Research Panel of the NIH. This knowledge has led Green to author eight books and direct the founding of the Office of Genome Ethics at the National Human Genome Research Institute of the National Institutes of Health. Out of his eight books, Babies by Design: The Ethics of Genetic Choice has received the most honors and recognition.
Babies by Design was written to give readers a clear introduction into the ethical issues surrounding the use of new prospective genetic technologies. In the book, Ronald Green focuses on how new genetic technologies can help avoid genetic disorders in future children, but also touches on the more controversial issue involving the use of these technologies to produce children with enhanced capabilities. See, Green believed that the first attempt to enhance human genetics would take place in the field of athletics in an attempt to...

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