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Unit 2 Assignment- Babies

The way a child is raised will create personality, heighten traits, and shape them into the person that they will become. Every parent’s goal is to have their child grow up being a respected and successful adult in society, however every culture has different socialization methods in which progress their child to achieve that goal. The Namibian baby, Ponijao is raised in a society with different childrearing norms than the society of the Japanese baby, Mari. This will influence many factors of their lives and how they are taught to live it. The differences within their families, communities, and daily ways of life are expressed beautifully through the film Babies, directed by Thomas Balmes.

One of the most prominent aspects of Ponijao’s childhood is the involvement of the members of her community in aiding her family with the task of raising a child. In particular, the other mothers of the community display a very close connection with all children in the village. This is best expressed during the scene where a mother was shown nursing two children at a time, one of which was not her child. In contrast, the scenes in Japan with Mari there is no such connection with other mothers. In fact, for the most part the child was rarely with more than one adult at a time. This reveals the difference in family structure between the two cultures. In Namibian villages, such as Ponijao’s, it is expected that families in the community will be close knit and interrelated, like a clan. Mari lives in a nuclear family structure, therefore she has less people that are constantly around her. Another conspicuous aspect of Ponijao’s childhood is the absence of men and a fatherly figure in her life. Ponijao is cared for completely by women and children within the community. This lack of fatherly involvement is evident, especially when compared with Mari, whose father plays an active role in her daily life. This is because of the dissimilarity of the division of labour resulting from the different subsistence patterns in the two cultures. In Ponijao’s village in Namibia, they follow a semi-nomadic and pastoral lifestyle. This results in the men of the village assigned to perform the duties of herding livestock around open areas of land while the females are assigned with domestic tasks such as taking care of the children.  In contrast, Mari’s family follows an industrial lifestyle, making division of labour not as significant so both parents can be more involved in their child’s life. In addition, the average number of births per Namibian women is 3.11 children. pThis is compared to the 1.41 births in Japan. More children per women means more work is required from mothers, making it more likely for mothers to stay at home while the men complete their day’s work outside the house. Through Ponijao and Mari being raised in different cultures and therefore with different subsistence patterns and division of labour, their family structure and...

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