Baby Carrots: A Tremendous Success Story

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The marketing of a new product called baby carrots is a tremendous business success story. The marketing of baby carrots transformed the carrot from a run- of-the-mill vegetable that some described as boring into a highly successful industry. This healthy specialty snack is in demand by children and adults alike. Prior to the creation of baby carrots each American on average are 6 pounds of carrots per year. Today each American eats about 10½ pounds of carrots per year.
The first known production of carrots was in Afghanistan about 1,100 years ago. Early carrots were purple, yellow, and white. Orange carrots didn’t appear until about1600. Orange became the carrot color of choice, in part because purple carrots turned cooking water an unappealing brown color.
What are baby carrots?
A true baby carrot is an immature carrot. A baby-cut carrot is baby-sized but cut from larger carrots. Baby-cut carrots are also known as baby carrots because of an ingenious processing and marketing technique. For the vast majority of consumers, when they say baby carrots they are referring to baby-cut carrots.
True baby carrots
True baby carrots are the immature roots of carrot plants; they are preferred by some people who believe that they are superior in texture, nutrition, and taste. They are grown as a specialty crop. Certain cultivars of carrots have been bred to be used at the “baby” stage. They are harvested long before they mature.
How do they grow/make baby carrots?
The “baby-cut” carrots, now widely known as “baby carrots,” were created when a California farmer did not want to waste all his carrots that were imperfect. He decided to cut the carrots down to baby size. Thus the “baby-cut” carrot was created. The grown carrots about 8 inches long are cut into 2 inch sections; they are pumped through a machine peeled and polished.
Why does everyone love baby carrots?
Baby carrots have been marketed very well. The target market is diverse. The carrots are a healthy snack and can help shed pounds. On the go, they are great for lunchboxes. Baby carrots are more aesthetically appealing to children and adults! They are easy to consume, providing a crunchy sweet taste. Standardization is an important marketing technique for any product. The standard size of each baby carrot and the polished outer surface make baby carrots visually appealing
Carrot color
The carrots can be white, yellow, purple or orange. Carrots we know and love today are orange. A plant pigment in carrots, called Beta-carotene, gives carrots their color. Beta carotene gives many plants, including sweet potatoes...

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