Baby Face Nelson Aka Lester Joseph Gillis

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Lester Joseph Gillis also known as Baby Face Nelson was a notorious bank robber, and a murderer. Nelson was born on December 6, 1908 in Chicago. His parents emigrated from Belgium, while his father worked in the stockyard and his mother Tutored schoolchildren in French. Since nelson’s parents were always busy with work they often left their children unattended, leaving nelson and his brother to roam the Westside of Chicago alone with out having their parents check in on them. Nelson life of crime can be traced to his early teen years, at age 13 he would steal car tires, running stills, bootlegging, and armed robbery (Federal Bureau Of Investigation). Some of the main theories that can prove the reason that lead baby face nelson to enter the life of crime can be linked to Social Structure Theory, Ecological Theory, Rational Choice Theory, and Social Learning Theory.
Nelson parents were just like any other parents but the fact that they were two busy working to sustain a life made it easily for their sons to become exposed to the crime in Chicago. At the same time the city of Chicago is to blame for not providing a safe place individuals to grow and not become exposed to the life of crime. At the same time Nelson didn’t have the opportunity to learn the values of life since his parents weren’t around as much and when he was sent to a boys home at the age of thirteen didn’t help him in learning what is right and wrong.
During the life of baby face nelson he committed over four bank robberies and although there is no clear number of how many people Baby Face Nelson killed, he did kill 5 FBI agents during his life of crime. Nelson was sent to a boy’s home when he was thirteen for stealing and was released two years latter but sent to jail again for similar charges (Federal Bureau Of Investigation). Instead of remaining in prison nelson escaped during transportation and his life of crime started to become more dangerous.
One of the theories behind what lead Nelson’s to enter the life of crime is the Social Structure Theory. Social structure theory is known as a theory that explains crime by reference to some aspect of the social fabric. In other words social structure theory is known as a theory that explains what makes criminals function when society is the root cause of criminal behavior. The fact that nelson grew up around the Westside of Chicago lead him to be easily exposed to crime life. Nelson and his brother would roam around the Westside getting into trouble with other kids. The fact that nelson was a small child lead him to be an easy target until one day nelson had enough of the bullying and started to fight back. According to a biography on Baby Face Nelson he had a short temper, leaving him to attack anyone he felt disrespected by, he often carried a switch blade and wasn’t afraid to cause any harm (
Since Nelson grew up in a city that was full of crime and nothing was done to help prevent crime from spreading this lead...

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