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Baby Not Pooping: When Should You Worry?

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If your baby is not pooping as easily as you she should, you may be one of many parents who are anxious about watching their newborn suffering from constipation. This can leave you feeling helpless, but unfortunately, you just have to let nature take its course. However, there are a few things that can help your baby go through it or avoid experiencing difficulty in passing stools in the future.
Baby Not Pooping---When Should You Worry?
Babies move their bowels in different patterns – there is no such thing as a normal schedule or number of bowel movements for all babies. This means that what is normal for other babies may not be the same as your baby's bowel habits. Some babies pass stools after feeding while others may move their bowels the next day. Different factors may affect the frequency of her bowel movements, such as the kind of food and drinks she takes, the amount of activity she does, and the rate she digests food and eliminates it. You will be able to tell what is the normal pattern of your baby as time passes and you get more practice as a parent.
You can tell if your baby is constipated if she passes stools less frequently than usual and is uncomfortable when she tries to move her bowels. She may have difficulty passing dry, hard stools when she is constipated. However, having watery stools is sometimes a sign of constipation when the fluid in the upper portion of the intestine slips past the hard stools blocking the large intestine.
How Often Should a Breastfed Baby Poop?
A newborn baby usually passes out stools after every feeding during its first few weeks. The frequency and type of bowel movements may indicate if she is getting sufficient feedings.
A few days after her birth (meconium phase), your baby passes out dark green stools, about four to five times within three days. These tarry stools are normal, but as the baby receives more mature milk, she will be able to move her bowels two to five times a day for six weeks. It is normal to see some stools in the diaper everytime it is changed during this period.
After the sixth week, some babies move their bowels less frequently. Do not worry if your child moves his bowels only once in a week. If her stools are not dry and hard she is not constipated. She may produce loose stools with the consistency of pea soup and curds like cottage cheese, and this just means that she is getting the right amount of foremilk (thin and watery milk with less fat) and hindmilk (richer in fat). Do not be concerned when her diaper overflows!
Once your child begins eating solid foods between the sixth and eighth months, her stools will become firmer with a characteristic odor.
How Often Should a Formula-fed Baby Poop?
The consistency of the stool of a baby that is formula-fed is firmer than that of a breast-fed baby, being similar to that of peanut butter. Consult your pediatrician if the baby's poop is much harder than this, because she could be constipated. For babies younger than four months,...

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