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Babylon Revisited Essay

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In the short story Babylon Revisited, F. Scott Fitzgerald reveals Charlie Wales’ struggles to regain his pride alongside dealing with internal conflicts after coming to terms with his alcoholism and the death of his wife. When Charlie begins to put his life back together he is in constant remembrance of all the negative things he did in his past. Fitzgerald characterizes Charlie through diction, imagery and syntax to convey his impact of the overall theme of the past cannot be escaped through constant struggle.
Fitzgerald uses impassioned diction to exhibit Charlie’s true character. During Charlie’s walk home, he is recalling all the good times along with the bad times of his past. While ...view middle of the document...

He cannot bear to hear the troubles he caused and begins “trembling” while walking home (Fitzgerald 6). The image of Charlie trembling shows his overwhelmed and remorseful character. Charlie realizes he does not deserve the custody of his child, after everything he has done. Fitzgerald uses images that Charlie portrays in his mind for readers to conceive his ashamed and contrite mentality.
Fitzgerald structures Charlie’s thoughts into long and complex sentences to concede his constant contemplation of his past. Charlie’s regretful demeanor is apparent when “he grew sad, remembering the plans he and Helen had made” before she passed. Charlie is feeble when reflecting on his relationship with Helen knowing he created many problems between them. Such syntax from the excerpt shows Charlie’s reflective character and emotions towards his past. Fitzgerald uses long, protracted sentences to emphasize his pensive character. Charlie “going over” the past “brought Helen nearer” in his thoughts causing him to become closer to forgive himself (Fitzgerald 6). Charlie’s long thoughts and scrutiny of himself is unmistakably shown through Fitzgerald’s uses of syntax.
Charlie’s perpetual struggle with his past causes him to be remorseful in his actions. His...

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