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Bachelor Bomb Essay

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Bachelor bomb when talking about China, you may naturally think of its long history, its deep culture, its unique architecture, the difficulty of its language, the rich variety of its cuisine, and, inevitably, connected with the huge population of the nation. You certainly have heard that for every five people in the world, there is one Chinese person. What you may not know is, as terrorism is such a prevalent word in contemporary society, China has also been “attacked” by a special terrorist—The “Bachelor Bomb”. It is reported that by the end of 2020, there will be at least 37 million makes who can’t find wives in the Chinese “marriage market”. The reason for the SRB (the sex ratio at birth) imbalance is a deeply-rooted social preference for boys which has been exacerbated by the government’s one-child policy and facilitated by modern technology that allows pre-birth sex screening. China’s population policy-makers must clearly understand both the causes and the consequences of the imbalances and take action in order to correct the trend and make things back to normal.The first and the most significant reason for SRB imbalance is the inveterate Chinese culture of preferring boys. There are sayings in Chinese culture like “yang ‘er fang lao” (rear a son for old age) and “zhong nan qing nü” (man is more important than woman) that reflect the cultural bias for males. I remember my dad once told me, my grandpa treated him better than his daughter, so he had the better room; he went to the better school. All this unfairness was because my grandpa believed his son would have a better future than his daughter and then can take good care of him when he is old. The ingrained male preference originated in Confucianism’s central tenets that held “sons were especially important, because they carried on the family line and performed the ritual sacrifices to honor the deceased parents and other family ancestors.” So it was the males’ responsibility to take care their parents in their old age. At the same time, China once was a agricultural based society, consequently it’s essential to have someone who can do heavy work, and males seem more eligible than females.In 1979, because of China’s overpopulation, the government implemented its “One-Child” policy and suddenly people were faced with a tremendously difficult predicament which also contributes to the SRB imbalance. On the one hand was the above-described societal male preference which still exerted an extraordinarily profound impact on many families despite the government’s best efforts to eradicate it through political and counter-cultural campaigns. On the other hand was the real possibility that a family’s only child might be a daughter. In such cases, people thought it’s really important to make sure their kids are boys, so female-specific abortion happened.Of course...

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