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Back To The Future Essay

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Andy Warhol stated “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” Time can be changed by little actions that individuals can do, and it makes 6 years from now being a mystery to the entire world. The year 2020 will most likely bring more and bigger opportunities to people all around the world. A person could go through countless hours of thinking about what they will be doing in the future and what lies ahead of them. The current times of being considered to be the third industrial revolution of grossing technology that’s become more and more advanced every year can change society in a blink of an eye. The year 2020 the world will have brought some of the most interesting technical advances in history and affect the jobs of billions, government systems in the entire world, and the life of my own just in 6 years.
Today’s time schools prepare us to grow up and decide on a major to continue a career in a certain field. The only problem is that most jobs that will be needed by the time we get to that point in time haven’t even been created yet. The quickly advancing times jobs are changing and more and more new jobs are being created and causing many people having to attend new classes to be able to fill the amount of employees needed. The jobs that will be present in 2020 will most likely be computer based out of the employee’s home. The workforce will be in high need of workers who have gone through the proper training and will decrease the unemployment number dramatically. The giant changes that will be occurring in society it brings in a major change that our government will need to take into an account.
Considering the major changes that our government will have to go through, there will bound to be a full government reformation that will be starting up or half way through. The government are in a must need to lower the debt to be able to provide innovation in the states. Many countries will have to work together to create a treaty of innovation for us as a species to survive. However, this will also compare to the original Industrial Revolutions in the changing and...

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