Background And Global Influence Of Japanese Animation

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We cannot doubt that Japan has the biggest animation industry in the world. As an animation superpower, Japan has surpassed the United States in animation export and become the world’s largest exporter of animation (Guo, 2013). The globalization of Japanese animation has huge development in recent two decades. Animation brings huge economic benefits to Japan. This essay will research various aspects of Japanese animation, including background, global influences, differences between American and Japanese animation and cross-cultural communication. The research of this essay made one cultural flow of globalization clear. People all over the world will use artistic product with Japanese animation elements and communicate to others by using Japanese animation cultural context.

Japanese animation has significant development after Japanese manga have been able to access our daily life. The beginning of Japanese manga was considered during the 12th century. A monk satirizes political corruption by drawing animals. In that time, manga was considered a tool to express contemporary matters (Guo, 2013). During the World War II, manga was developed by Japanese governments because they think manga was a perfect medium to solve the cultural barriers. Governments used manga to encourage soldiers to fight bravely (Harris, 2013). After the 1960s, manga became a novel entertainment for the young generation. Many manga fans devoted their life into development of Japanese animation then animation industry has expanded rapidly (Guo, 2013). Nowadays, As Japanese animation industry is getting mature; global impacts of Japanese animation start to embody in various aspects. Such as some Japanese terms we used in daily life and some commercial products were related to Japanese animation elements. There are many Westerners who eager to learn Japanese culture after they got in touch with Japanese animation.

It is not difficult for us to understand entertainment is the main function of Japanese animation. Watching animations can allow us to relax our mind and relieve stress. The theme of Japanese animation prefers to depict normal people's everyday life. Japanese animator wants to express the national spirit through protagonists overcome all kinds of difficulties. They prefer to use elements from Japanese traditional culture. Animation was regarded as an indispensable part of Japanese society. Japan has a dominant progressive animation industry. Since Japanese products lot of excellent works every year, it becomes the largest animation exporter in the world. According to GuoYuxin noted Japanese ACG (Animation‐Comic‐Game) was exported approximately 4.35 billion dollars in 2003, “which is four times of steel export to US” (Guo, 2013, p. 2). Japanese animation has brought enormous economic benefits. Japan has more than three-fifths of global animation market share. Animation has turned into an important component of the economy. (Olsen & Johnsen, 2012)

Since 1963, Japan...

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