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Background Essay

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The reason I chose this experiment is because I like rockets and space travel. I like the part where you make the rocket and it is tedious work, but you get the fun to fly it over the heads of everyone. My topic could be used for a school project or something.
Before I start to talk about how my rocket is going to be assembled, I’ll tell you a bit on the history of rockets. The first rocket were made in China using their gunpowder and the rockets were just used as fireworks. After a few years, the Chinese realised how deadly the rockets could be when they strapped rockets to arrows and fired them. After years of testing, the Chinese invented the first missiles. They included the multi-shot, (many rockets fired simultaneously) and the exploding rocket. Later, the Koreans decided to use the rockets to protect themselves against the invading Mongols.
Anyway, back to the rocket project. The rocket body would be bought in a store, a usual one liter bottle. I would cut off the top of the rocket and use some more plastic to line the inside, around the rim of the top of the bottle. It is shown how it will be done in page one. I will use cardboard with cellophane wrap to not get the fins wet because i am using liquid for my rocket propultion.
I will use Diet Coke and Mentos to propel my rocket. The mentos will react with the diet coke and will produce foam at such a fast pace that it will generate enough energy to lift the rocket off the ground. “Well, carbon dioxide is squeezed into the Diet Coke. That is why those sodas fizz.” (1) “The Mentos has a lot of nucleation sites, which is a perfect place for the carbon dioxide in the Diet Coke to produce bubbles. When there are too much bubbles they rise quickly to the surface of the Diet Coke, creating a jet of foam. Also, the gum arabic in the Mentos and the potassium benzoate, sugar and aspartame in the Diet Coke helps the foam to shoot out faster and stronger. Aspartame in the Diet Coke decreases the surface tension, which is important because with more surface tension, the harder it is to produce bubbles.”(2) I direct that foam to the ground, and then, lift-off! The rocket will look sort of like an Ariane V rocket but without boosters. No promises or guarantees.
It will have a shorter and wider body than the shape of the actual...

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