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Background Information: Google Inc. Essay

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What is Google? Google is a website that has not only transformed the way we process endless information found on the internet, but it has also altered the way we think and talk about the internet. Google is a multinational company that specializes in public computing and internet search technology; it is utilized as a search engine to research documents, news, and using different applications. Since the startup of the company, Google has grown to be recognized by many companies seeking to get more involved with Google and how they intended to change the way people look up information on the Internet. However, what is the history behind this important corporation? When and how was it created?
Google began its production in March 1996 as a research project by the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Both were in a Ph.D. program at Stanford University, working on the Stanford Digital Library Project. At the time, Page was attempting to come up with a topic for his thesis; he favored writing about the mathematical structure of the World Wide Web and how it could be understood through a graph. He presented the idea to his supervisor and received approval. Through his findings, Page was attempting to ascertain how to create a system that permitted people to find the right of information the simplest manner. Along with his partner, Sergey Brin, Page developed the PageRank algorithm, a system used to measure the importance of any given webpage; while popular sites rose to the top of their annotation list, less popular sites fell towards the bottom. Knowing they were on to something, they started to customize the format by adding extra features and coming up with the company name, “Google”, as so it was called. Running low on funds they went around asking companies for money, many turning them down until Andy Bechtolsheim who is the co-founder of Sun Microsystems (computer systems/software Company) decided to fund their company. This allowed Page and Brin to further expand their company. They had used those investments to buy equipment and used their dorm rooms as an office and programming center for the time being. As Page and Brin continued to test their prototype, Google was generating news within the Stanford campus and local investors were taking notice. Finally, on September 15, 1997, they officially registered “” as their domain name without having the Stanford website as a domain originally. The following year, on September 4, 1998, they started up the company “Google Inc.”. By that time, they had already incorporated their company and Google quickly grew in prominence, already having an index of about sixty million pages. Some people argued that Google was a more accurate and efficient search engine than other big name engines at the time like Yahoo. Nevertheless as Google was generating buzz, investors sought potential in the company and both Page and Brin decided that their next step forward was to go public with the...

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