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Background Information On Nickel Essay

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Background Information on Nickel
Nano wires can be made out of many different matierals to fit the specific need of the scientist. They can be made out of alloys, elements, oxides, and other materials. Additionally, they can be tailors to fit specific geometric requirements. In the semiconductor industry, when the demand for transistors is extremely high, many elements are experimented with. As time goes on, and technology advances, more and more objects can be put onto a substrate.
A very common element that nanowires are being created and researched with is Nickel. Nickel’s use in the construction and application of nanowires has received a lot of attention from the scientific community over the last couple years due to its unique growth technique, its physical and chemical properties, and the applications that it can serve to field of science and electronics.
Nickel is element number 28 on the periodic table of elements. It is part of the transition metals and it a ductile and dense metal. It is a silver colored metal found in the earth’s crust. Nickel is one of the four elements that exhibit properties of magnetism, the others being iron, cobalt, and gadolinium. By nature it is a conductive material because it is a metal. Its physical structure is a face centered cube, which is important to understand when trying to find out its behavior in structural recombination and lattice binding. Depending on the crystal orientation of a material, it will combine to make differently oriented lattices. Nickel also has the potential to be a colloid when introduce into a solution in small particles. This means that it can scatter light into different patterns depending on its formation. Combining all of these unique traits together into one material produces an extremely amount of potential for research and incorporation to applications in today’s industry.
In addition to the physical properties Ni also has a lot of desirable chemical properties. Nickel is resistant to corrosion, which makes it a common metal used for coating. Nickel contains three common types of oxidation states: Nickel (0), Nickel (II), and Nickel (III). Nickel (III) or Ni2O3 is used in batteries. When used in nanowires, pure nickel is almost always used instead of one of the compounds listen above.
The physical and chemical properties that nickel contains is what makes it one of the more preferred element used in nanowire synthesis and applications.
Why is this material being used?
Even though nickel is a unique and valuable element, why did scientists land on it for its use in nanowires? There are other metals that are magnetic and can serve the same purpose. The answer depends on many factors, more specifically the potential applications of Nickel nanowires. Nickels corrosive resistance and magnetism are the foundation for a lot of promising experimentation. These properties alone make it possible to arrange and manipulate the orientation,...

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