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Background On Soup Bars. Essay

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Background On Soup BarsResearch has found soup to be nourishing and comforting, a practical necessity nowadays with time at a premium and busy people increasingly forced to eat on the run. The fact that soup is a very good traveller adds to it's attractiveness, as off-premise sales in America now account for 15% of total soup servings and 47% of the growth according to a 1997 NPD Crest Survey. Basically a quick, perfect grab and go item, which is a must for the hungry consumer with limited time.Moreover the traditional low price tag has made soup light on the budget enabling it to appeal to a variety of consumers.Soup also tends to fit every trend from comfort to vegetarian, regional and ethnic.It is a classic, which has satisfied the appetites of consumers for hundreds of years despite the reality that soup is largely water! It is viewed by most to be healthy, comforting and nourishing, a complete meal in a bowl.From an operator's viewpoint the convenience of preparing various soups ahead of time can alleviate workloads during busy periods such as lunch intervals when demand is high. The production costs entailed are extremely low as soup can be made in large volumes at a time, with little expertise.Target MarketsMarketing to specific targets is a fundamental requirement for successful micro marketing. Target Advertising recognises that consumers differ in their needs, perceptions and buying behaviours and therefore whilst isolating broad segments that make up the market we will be adapting our promotional campaigns to match more closely the needs of a few specific segments that we feel Souper can most profitably meet the needs of.Due to research undertaken within the following market segments Target Advertising has found it advantageous to focus it's marketing on students, office workers and shoppers. These consumers are profiled with respect to relevant demographic characteristics and examined with regards to their product-purchase, usage patterns and media performances. It was the combination of characteristics and the demonstration of similar behaviour that has led Target Advertising to select these target markets.Demographic factors are the most popular bases for segmenting a market. The factors involved are also easier to measure than most other types of variables. After researching the demographic environment Target Advertising suggest that Souper will most appeal to the 18 - 35 age group which includes students and young office workers, the planned promotional campaign will target the young health conscious student / shopper who is looking for a quick delicious meal at a low price.Firstly students are a favourable target audience for Souper, as the typical student will purchase nutritional snacks relatively regularly throughout their day. During the colder seasons, which is the majority of the academic year in Britain, Target Advertising feel the student segment of the market will seek comfort food such as soup, as it is a nutritional...

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