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Background Research Essay

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In the 1450s, a German goldsmith named Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, which revolutionized the world of publishing (The Printing Press, 2005). Since then, hundreds of word processing programs have been developed, along with thousands of new fonts, from Times New Roman to Comic Sans. Marketing professionals and scientists around the world have wondered what kinds of fonts stick in a person’s memory over others (Dizikes, 2013). The concepts of how memory functions, how the brain processes information and how font and memory are connected in psychology are essential to better understand this idea.
The nervous system consists of three main sections, the central nervous system ...view middle of the document...

There are three basic types of memory: long-term memory, short term memory, and memories of frightening or significant events, known as flashbulb memories. The short term memories are stored in the hippocampus, the long-term are stored in the cerebral cortex, and the flashbulb memories are stored in a special part of the cerebral cortex called the amygdala (Young 2010; Hamzelou, 2011). Short-term memory can hold seven items of information for fifteen to twenty seconds. Information that was received verbally and information that was received visually are kept in different places in short-term memory. To make the most of the limits of short-term memory, the brain chunks two to three facts into one unit of information. Long-term memory, however, is stored by significance and meaning rather than the sequence in which they were received. The two kinds of long-term memory are implicit and explicit memories. Implicit memories are unconsciously remembered, like how to open doors. Explicit memories are consciously remembered. There are three types of explicit memory: episodic, semantic, and declarative.
Episodic memories are memories of events that took place, like a memory of attending a party. Semantic memories are facts, figures, and general knowledge, like the capital of France. Declarative memories are of people, places, and things, such as names and faces (Foster, 2011; Greenberg, 1987; Fields, 2005).
Both long-term and short-term memories travel between neurons, as does any memory. The structure that enables a connection between the neurons is called a synapse. Short-term memory has temporary synapse strengthening and long-term memory has a permanent synapse strengthening (Fields, 2005).
Memories are stored in chemicals in the neurons. One theory is that the chemicals that deliver impulses go through a chemical change. Another theory is that is that there is a change in the ribonucleic acid, also known as RNA (Simon, 1997, p.26).
Although it is a common assumption that bold letters make a bigger impression in your mind, putting something in bold type has little to no effect on how the word or phrase is remembered. Fonts that are unfamiliar to the person or difficult to read force the brain to think more and therefore make the information easier to remember later on (Carey, 2011).

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