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Backpacker Tourism In South Australia Essay

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Backpackers are often perceived as disruptive and that they have a negative impact on the destination they are visiting. Many hostels have refused to accommodate large amounts of Australian backpackers due to the reckless behaviour they engage in while staying at the hostels. This perception has come to the attention of hostel owners that international backpackers are considered to be more pleasant than Australian backpackers. The perception of backpackers occurs through local news stories which are usually about the reckless behaviour experienced in pubs and clubs. Some positives would be the income and business that local farmers and communities would be gaining from the backpackers. The report is going to show the positive and negative aspects of backpacker tourism and how the local community is affected. By gathering news articles, conducting surveys and interviews the impact that backpacker tourists have on the community will be understood further. Backpackers are tourists who want to see more of the destination they are staying in while looking for ways to save money. Many backpackers prefer to stay in hostels for the social aspect and also because it is cheap. Backpackers tend to come from European countries (SATC, 2008) and this was supported by the surveys conducted for this report that showed many backpackers who are staying in Adelaide said they came from Europe (Author’s Own, 20014). Mainly people said Germany; there were some from France and Austria also. These backpacker tourist types also stay for longer than the average tourist (figure 3). Many backpackers travel to Adelaide due to the laid back environment and attitude and to see the architecture of the historic buildings within Adelaide. Many go to the landmarks that are not advertised regularly. Backpackers tend to look for cheap accommodation so that the money is there to not only go and visit the landmarks but to also go out clubbing and being social. Many backpackers participate in driving to the outback for a true Australian experience while some prefer to stay in rural Adelaide. The positive aspects of backpacker tourism are they bring income into the local community, and they explore local communities that normally wouldn’t see tourism revenue. Backpackers tend to cook their own meals and save money, which in Adelaide sees the Central Markets profiting through selling local produce. Backpacker’s support the local communities they visit through buying the local produce of the area. The money taken from backpackers then stays within the community and does not leak out to an international or interstate farmer. When asked many of the stall owners were unaware of the impact that backpackers have believing that they mainly rely on locals for their income. The produce they sell is usually from local farms; some is from international farms and rarely is it from interstate farms. Through interviews and surveys conducted however there is an impact on the local economy as most...

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