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Backstreet BoysIn a world full of imitations, the Backstreet Boys are definitely not just another fabricated, bubblegum-pop boy-band, but are a multi-talented group of real musicians. With each Backstreet Boy having his own unique experiences in such areas as: acting, singing, modeling, and playing instruments, it is obvious that it would add flavor to their phenomenal voices, and lead them to fame and fortune. "Honestly, looking at them for the first time with their country, down to earth, all American boy image, I thought they were out of their heads. Eventually, their vocal abilities and their passion for music changed my mind," stated their former manager, Johnny Wright on VH1 Music Television. Although it may seem as if success was easily handed over to them, these five regular guys from Orlando, Florida experienced many struggles on their bumpy road to the top."They are liked and have such a huge following because of the diverse group of boys represented," Kayla Jones stated in a personal interview. Despite their success in being number one in thirty-eight different countries, each member had his fair share of struggles before reaching his status in the Backstreet Boys (Gold Collector's Series Entertainment Magazine). Leaving their mark on the world was not as easy as it may seem. Each member comes from a different background with influences ranging from Latin to even Blackfoot Indian (Krulik, 11). What brings such a young and talented group of guys together is their love and passion for music and the stage.Ashufta 2Nicholas Gene Carter, better known as Nick from the Backstreet Boys, was born in Jamestown, New York on January 28, 1980 (Golden 61). Being born in the same hospital as Lucille Ball, it was inevitable that he was destined for a career in show business. Shortly after his birth, his family moved to a dream house in Orlando, Florida. It was there that Nick truly developed his skills and desires for the entertainment world. He experienced the different aspects of show business including: singing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers halftime shows, acting in Phantom of the Opera, winning talent shows, and even working for Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel (Golden 64). Despite of his accomplishments, he was still unsatisfied and was determined to discover his ideal job in the spotlight.The rebel of the Backstreet Boys, Alexander James (A.J.) McLean was born on January 9, 1978 in West Palm Beach, Florida. "He was an extremely energetic bundle of joy!" exclaims A.J.'s mother, Denise (Erlewine AMG All Music). Even though his parents divorced when he was only four years old, A.J.'s desire for the spotlight didn't fade, but flourished. After playing Dopey in his Pre-School production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, his mind was set on what he wanted to be a part of for the rest of his life, the entertainment business. As his teenage years approached, he became more and more involved with Nickelodeon and local theater, winning role in The King...

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