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Bacteria And Antibiotic Lab Write Up

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I. OverviewThe goals of the Bacteria and antibiotic lab are to observe the effect of five different types of antibiotics on the growth pattern of several different strains of bacteria. Also, individually each person will learn and practice aseptic technique in bacterial culture. Each group in the class will test out antibiotics on a different strain of bacteria, and the class data will be compiled and examined.II. ProcedureI followed the given procedure step by step. However, I accidentally put tape on the edges of the Petri dish when I placed it in the tray to be incubated. So I had to take it out, and remove the tape before placing it back in. My partner made the same mistake, as we both thought that we were supposed to place tape around the sides to hold the dish closed. So both my partner and I, had to remove our dishes from the tray, take the tape off, and then place it back in. However, this was a small mistake and would not have affected the outcome of our experiment in any way.(Continued on following page...)III. DataIV. DiscussionThis lab is demonstrates the effects of different antibiotics on different strains of bacteria. Our data proves that various different antibiotics are effective against some strains of bacteria, but not of others. Each bacteria strain had one antibiotic that was highly effective on it, and one that hardly caused any inhibition of growth. Some strains of bacteria had multiple antibiotics that were highly effective in inhibiting its growth. Others were not affected by almost all but one type of antibiotic. Take the bacteria strain Bacillus cereus for example. This strain of bacteria was highly affected by every antibiotic used on it except for one, Penicillin. The results of the tests proved Penicillin to be the least effective antibiotic against Bacillus cereus. It only killed an eleven millimeter diameter circle of Bacillus cereus, as opposed to most other antibiotics tested against Bacillus cereus, which killed an average of about twenty five millimeter diameter circles. Penicillin was less than half as effective against Bacillus cereus than most other antibiotics. However, Penicillin was more effective against Bacillus cereus and Escherichia coli, than Micrococcus luteus and Serratia marcessans because Bacillus cereus and Escherichia coli are Gram Positive strains of bacteria, and Pennicillin is more effective against Gram Positive strains. The antibiotic that inhibited the growth of Bacillus cereus the most was Chloramphenicol. (Also known as C30.) Chloramphenicol killed a thirty three millimeter diameter circle of Bacillus cereus, making it the most effective antibiotic against Bacillus cereus.Another Bacteria strain that we tested, Escherichia coli, was generally affected the same by each Antibiotic tested on it. The only antibiotics tested on it that stood out were Nalidyxic acid and Penicillin. Once again, Penicillin proved to be the least effective antibiotic against this strain of bacteria. It was only...

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