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Bacterial Lab Report

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"Lord of the Flies" by William Golding is a classic novel that tells the story of when people are put in a situation, what some of their reactions would be. In this book a plane was shot down with a bunch of kids in it. The kids are stranded on an unknown island with no adults because the pilot was killed. They have to survive on their own and try to be civilized human beings. The groups of children finally break into two groups, the hunters and the shelter builders. The hunters just want to hunt and not worry about being rescued. The other group believes in having a fire going at all times hoping to be rescued. They do this because they think that if someone sees the fire then there is a chance of rescue, the hunters didn't believe in this. In the book they think that a beast is trying to get to them and kill them. All these rumors go around on how it has wings and can walk without leaving footprints. When they finally find the so-called beast, they find out that it was just a wild Boar and killed it with a spear. They don't know yet that the Boar they killed was the beast so they cut his head off and put it on a spear to try to catch the beast. The main character Ralph is sitting next to the pig's head and since there are a lot of flies around it he calls it the "Lord of the Flies". The hunters had a tribal feast to celebrate killing the pig and while they were dancing one of the kids went through the trees and the whole group thought it was the beast so they killed the boy. The two groups started to fight more. Jack, the leader of the hunters tries to kill Ralph...

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3875 words - 16 pages a patient is sick because of an unknown organism, samples from the patient can be taken out and the lab can perform tests on it and interpret the results correctly to identify the exact type of microorganism in order to cure the patient with antibiotics and treatment. In the end, this will help scientist cure diseases, help make up treatments for specific organisms, and help the world be a healthier place one step at a time. After the eighteen

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2883 words - 12 pages virus infection (antivirals) are not commercially available. Athletes Foot Fungi Dry and itchy lesions. Patients often report a burning or stinging sensation. A common associated condition with athletes foot is a fungal nail infection if athletes foot is not treated the lesion can become infected and extremely painful. Anti-fungal powders can be used in socks and shoes. Creams and sprays can also be used

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2444 words - 10 pages fever, lethargy, myalgia; nursing considerations: immediately after delivery send sample of cord blood of infant to lab for crossmatch and typing and do not administer Rh o (D) immune globulin until results return, administer within 72 hours after delivery, ensure that mother understands reason Rho (D) immune globulin is givenCyclophosphamideAlkylating agent use: cancer, action: interferes with RNA replication, causing an imbalance of growth that

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1311 words - 6 pages -fast stain was then done by making a bacterial smear into a slide. This was also examined under a microscope and the sample proved to be acid-fast and have endospores because the area was pink in color. The sample was also inoculated into a semi solid agar Sulfide-Indole-Motility (SIM) tube and was then incubated until the next lab period; upon checking the results the bacteria was found to be motile because the bacteria grew away from the stab

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1363 words - 6 pages Before the lab work of Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch in the late 1800’s it was common for people to believe in something that is known as Spontaneous Generation. The Spontaneous Generation theorised that some force can create living organisms from inanimate objects. Needless to say this was wrong. People such as Ignaz Semmelweis and Joseph Lister noticed that hygiene and cleanliness drastically improved people’s chances of surviving surgery. It


2068 words - 9 pages INTRODUCTION: Antibiotic resistance is the single biggest threat in the area of Infectious disease. Members of the family Enterobactericiae and Nonfermentors are the most frequently isolated bacterial human pathogens from clinical samples and this Gram negative bacilli acquiring Multidrug resistance (MDR) is a matter of concern. Carbapenams was first introduced in 1980[1] and are the most potent agents for the treatment of multi drug resistant

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1771 words - 8 pages Nations released, in 2006, a publication which looked over the environmental impact of livestock on the planet. The conclusions found from that report are that up to 70% of grazing land is considered degraded, livestock contributes in CO2 approximately 18% of the climate change, and livestock accounts for about 37% of methane emissions.As we continue to find out the extent of the effects of these things, we must take these things into

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6695 words - 27 pages left surgical intervention, JP drain is present to the left lower quadrant of the abdomen draining cloudy amylase rich fluid verified by lab testing. Bowel habits are regular at this time with no diarrhea in 3 days. Pt has Dophoff feeding tube to left nare with insertion length of 87cm. This feeding tube is on hold for use until placement is verified. Bowel sounds are positive all quadrants. Patient has no complaints of nausea or vomiting and

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1584 words - 6 pages project has the potential to lead us to novel anticancer agents. With this research I also plan on furthering my education in chemistry and becoming familiar with lab techniques and procedures such as chromatography, identification and structural characterization of natural products, and tissue culture. Results of this project will be submitted as a report and apply for presentation at the 2008 Undergraduate Conference since the data may not be

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1946 words - 8 pages Great Pandemic) Many labs currently hold the disease. When researchers first recreated the disease, they were required to report to the U.S. biosecurity advisory board to state that the work was important and important enough to risk the disease being accidentally released. Recreating the disease is possible by any “well-equipped molecular biology lab” and has been done by Canadian researchers who “find it less complicated to make it [The Spanish

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8517 words - 34 pages invention of antibiotics, bacterial infections such as tuberculosis and pneumonia were a major public health threat. In the 1800s, the average life span was only 45 years as many bacterial infections eventually led to sepsis and death. ("Life Expectancy for Men and Women: 1850 to 2000") When the first commercially available antibiotic, penicillin, was introduced in 1942, it opened the door to the usefulness of antibiotics (Florey 635). Penicillin

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1974 words - 8 pages the surface of the device, rendering the antimicrobial coating minimally effective.5 Thus, to combat bacterial biofilm infections and increase efficacy in treatment, biofilm-disrupting therapeutics are required. In recent years, there has been increasing evidence of amyloid-like polymers serving a structural role in bacterial biofilms.6-8 Amyloid diseases are known to involve the conversion of an amyloidogenic protein from its soluble wild type

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2525 words - 11 pages . By contrast, we did not observe any difference between the two groups in terms of MPO, MMP-9 and elastase concentrations. The medians of these markers were similarly increased in both groups. A possible explanation for this could be the coexisting inflammatory process irrespectively of the bacterial infection that our population has. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study to report a significant increase of β-glucuronidase activity

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2216 words - 9 pages We report the community of thermophilic bacteria cultivated from Tanjung Sakti Hot Spring in South Sumatera Indonesia that has temperature 80 – 91 0C and pH 7 – 8. Based on phylogenetic analysis, the 16 sequences of 16S rRNA gene fragments obtained from the community clustered within four distinct genera as Anoxybacillus, Geobacillus, Brevibacillus, and Bacillus. Two sequences that have 96% similarity with data sequences in GenBank, are

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1768 words - 7 pages prevention. This can be obtained by collaborating with multidisciplinary team including; MD, nurse, lab, radiology, respiratory and spiritual care. The prevention of infection can be obtained by using universal precautions , discontinuing IV lines, frequent turning, encouraging cough and deep breathing as well as using a Incentive Spirometer to prevent pneumonia. To ensure optimal oxygen perfusion and to decrease workloads on the heart