Bad Actions Or Decisions? It Creates Danger!!

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Alfred A. Montapert writes that “Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices”. In life, each and every action or decision that a person makes has a consequence, it may be a good one or it could be a bad one, it is either fate or it is the result of rash actions or decisions. In William Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet, prince Escalus remarks “All are punish’d” to the feud between the Montague and Capulet’s household. In KC Dyer’s novel, Seeds of Time, the protagonist Darrell Connor demonstrates actions that are similar to Juliet Capulet, as they both put themselves and the people close to them in danger just to satisfy their own curiosity and selfishness. Although Darrell Connor’s love for her friends exists in the novel, her mistakes of making rash actions and decisions have affected her and her friends’ lives by refusing to reveal the power of the glyphs, led her friends into a situation where they will disappear forever, and trap her friends in time.
To begin, Darrell Connor refuses to reveal the power of the glyphs, which is the key to returning to the past. At the beginning of the novel, Darrell travels to the past on her own using the power of the glyphs. Unfortunately, her friends Broderick “Brodie” Stewart Sun and Kate Clancy also discover the existence of the cave in which contains the glyphs. As Brodie and Kate plan their trip to the cave, Darrell feels troubled and she declare that she “hated to share the cave with anyone [...]” (Dyer 142). In the end, Darrell is overwhelmed by her selfishness and thus refusing to reveal her understanding of the glyphs, which demonstrates a rash decision. Later on,
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as they arrive at the cave, Brodie decided to take a sample of the substances that are on the glyphs and knowing the danger of the glyphs, Darrell begins to feel frantic and murmur “I can’t explain why but it’s really important...just...just don’t touch them” (154). This shows that Darrell is trying to warn Brodie not to touch the glyphs but she warns him without revealing the power of the glyphs. However, her stuttering has only made Brodie more determined to extract and touch the glyphs. Darrell’s actions and decisions in hiding the power of the glyphs have caused her friends, Brodie and Kate, to return to the past.
Furthermore, Darrell has led her friends into a situation where they will disappear forever. After refusing to reveal the power of the glyphs, Darrell, Brodie, Kate end up in the past where they finds themselves in Medieval Scotland. When Darrell realizes that she is no longer in the future but in a new surrounding, Darrell mutters fearfully “It had h [appen] again... somehow. But this time, I am not alone” (156). Darrell discovers that the same situation occurs again, except this time she accidentally drags Brodie and Kate along with her and also put their life in danger. As the story continues, Darrell, Brodie, and Kate discover that the power of the glyphs is limited;...

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