Bad Day On Mountain Essay

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It was a calm clear day in early June. My friends and I camped below Longs Peak in Colorado in a lush green meadow with a Lake nestled in the northwest corner of it. Over a dinner of refried beans and burgers we decided to climb Longs Peak the following day. Longs Peak has been known for decades as a dangerous precipitous mountain which has claimed the lives of many men and women. As the sun rose higher in the sky and the birds began to sing we prepared our selves for the climb to come. We had our climbing gear for the precipitous parts and a two way radio in case of emergency. With that we set off in my 1981 Pimped out Chevy Pickup we parked at the base of the mountain. And began our assent. It was very steep so we had to rest and snack quite often especially for Frank who was larger than the rest of us. The sky began to cloud over with black ominous clouds as if a warning to turn us back but we were only a couple of hundred feet from the summit of the mountain so we did not turn back. As we neared the summit I noticed some strange round objects descending toward earth "hey Mike" I yelled "what are those objects in the sky?" Mike looked up and said "they remind me of something I saw once in an Alien Movie". We waited for the others to catch up and then I got out my 50x Binoculars and looked at the strange objects which appeared to be UFO's. The...

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1104 words - 4 pages back on the runs on the backside of the mountain. A ski patrol officer approached us at that moment and advised us that the mountain was not going to close, but the storm is bad enough that we should go to the chalet. “Kids, I think its time to head down the mountain to the chalet,” he extorted. We laughed at him, and said we’d be fine. The storm started dumping heaps of crisp dry snow that wisped away in the air as we carved through it

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1960 words - 8 pages gallons a day so people can go skiing does not seem like the best answer to the problem. The water can be used for many other resources such as, farming or hydrating arid ecosystems. If the water is used on the mountain for snow making then we will be contributing to the drought by not using the water in a conservative way. Many people in favor of the additions argue, “…SnowBowl will represent 0.4 of one percent of the total

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1676 words - 7 pages Every day in the United States people turn on a light, use the oven, and watch television. The energy needed to do these trivial everyday tasks is often taken for granted, yet it is greatly required at all times. A small percentage of this energy is provided by the burning of coal to produce power. The removal of coal for energy has been a long thought out process since the early 1960’s (Holzman). The removal of coal up until around the 1990’s

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1085 words - 4 pages A Very Warm Mountain Have you ever thought of something having human like emotions such as trees or animals? In the essay “A Very Warm Mountain,” Ursula K. Le Guin offers a whole new angle to look at mountains. Through the use of examples and detailed description Le Guin creates a new perspective on mountains giving then human like qualities. The author discusses the reactions that the person had to the eruption. She writes down

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1151 words - 5 pages , however, shows that actually people do not in fact usually live happily ever after. While there may have been happiness once, it quickly fades and is lost, leaving only memories. Instead of eternal bliss, there often remain only dreams, and the day to day harshness of reality. In the beginning of "Brokeback Mountain", Ennis wakes up in his trailer. He has just lost his job and has to get on the road; things are not looking very good, "yet he is

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697 words - 3 pages their lives at some point. In the story when Nace was on the ridge and was about to fall off, Nace jumped to a side to save himself and a few others. As the two mountaineers started to reach the top of the mountain they still kept on going even though there was not enough oxygen. When Nace died saving Osborn’s live, Osborn kept on going till he reached the top of the summit because when he reached the top he put the ax on the top that had

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575 words - 2 pages Department starting a bicycle patrol unit. The Seattle Police Department began their patrol in their downtown area due to traffic congestion, which caused a poor response time on the part of police officers. The bike patrol was an immediate success for the police in regards to the response time problem as well as presenting a positive image of officers to the public. Today, there are over 2,000 mountain bike patrol units across the country.The

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1098 words - 4 pages problems. Dian Fossey lived up on a mountain by her self for a number of years. That begins to have an effect on you as well. It was very lonely up there on the mountain. She got a nickname rom her lifestyle, she was called "Nyirmachabelli", which means the woman who lives alone on the mountain. Poor Dian Fossey became an alcoholic up on that mountain. She also smoked three packs of cigarettes a day! I think those may have been the

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1154 words - 5 pages Mountain Dew It's cool and refreshing. It's satisfying and invigorating. It's Mountain Dew. But it's not just regular pop. It's a lifesaver that keeps many college students alert during strenuous moments in their college life. Mountain Dew is a favorite of many students on the GC campus because it is relatively cheap to purchase and not difficult to come across. This power drink can be found in the cafeteria, at the Leaf Raker, and

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