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Bad Habits And How To Break Them

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What is a habit? A habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. Every person has a habit. From small, non dangerous, habits like biting nails or high pitched laughing, to dangerous ones such as smoking, drinking, and reckless behavior. Habits can go un-noticed by people because they vary in seriousness. Breaking habits varies greatly. It can be as simple as not doing something in the morning, to stopping drugs and alcohol.
People often pick up bad habits in their younger years. Some habits people cannot control such as a twitch or an outburst. But most of the habits people are able to overcome and control. In this paper we will talk about three of the most common bad habits that people have and how to overcome them. These three habits are, drinking, drugs, and texting and driving. I chose these habits because they are the most common bad habits among people in this day and age, but they are also the most deadly. These habits are more than just a repetition; they are a repeating cycle that causes harm to not only the users but also people dealing with the family, and in some cases even random, innocent people.
The first bad habit we will talk about is drinking. Drinking is not a bad habit when done responsibly. Anyone should be able to consume alcohol when they want, as long as they have a sane mental state and recollection of what they are doing. Drinking becomes a problem when people consume too much alcohol and they cannot make good, rational decisions. When this happens the alcohol content in your blood flow to your brain and affects your decision-making and reaction time. This makes perfectly normal human beings think that they can do superhuman things. Most people end up injuring themselves because the alcohol in their blood made them think unrealistically. It also causes many deaths. Alcohol poisoning causes deaths in teens and young adults all around the world. When a person ingests too much alcohol it poisons the body, hence the name alcohol poisoning. If someone has alcohol poisoning they will vomit uncontrollably, have seizures, slow breathing, and no sense of rationality or safety. When a person gets intoxicated, based on the level, it could go many ways. They could just wake up the next morning with a hangover or die. A hangover is the feeling left behind the day or days after being intoxicated. People experience severe headaches and/or migraines and in some cases dehydration.
Another drinking related activity that is deadly is drunk driving. Drinking and driving kills someone every fifty-three minutes. Every fifty-three minutes a mother and father loses their child because of an alcohol related accident. Every ninety seconds alone someone is injured. These deaths and injuries could be easily prevented if people would think before acting. If people would give up their keys or find a designated driver 10,000 people a year wouldn’t lose their lives. Drinking and driving takes the lives...

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