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Bad Influence Of Hip Hop On Youth

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Music producers have an influence on the music that today’s youth listen to that many are affected by even though the producers are unaware of it. Today there’s a lot of drug abuse, violence, and sex all on the rise even though hip hop itself is not to blame.
Imagine our youth all over the country being exposed to this explicit kind of language. There is no need to imagine, because it is already happening. Ever since the rise of Rap and Hip Hop music, teens have been turning to them to help solve their problems. However these kinds of music can be very destructive to teens. It is not the youth’s fault; it is the content that the music contains. Although Rap and Hip Hop music can be a force for good, they can also have an extremely negative impact on the attitudes and behaviors of our youth.
Dr. Boyce Watkins compares Hip Hop to “Adolph Hitler’s Mien Kampf as a harmless little book or the bible has no impact on Christianity” (KultureKritic). Basically he is trying to say that when you control of a few group of people’s minds you are controlling the people themselves. By corpora ting the airwaves with message serve as a blueprint for our youth to self-destruct by creating a large army of pants-sagging, Blunt-smoking, tattooed-up, uneducated, STD-infected, impoverished thugs.
Hip Hop is defined as: “subculture especially of inner-city youths who are typically devotees of Rap music, graffiti, break dancing, and DJing”. If one asks a fan of Hip Hop what the definition is to them, then one might get something deeper. Some fans define Hip Hop as a culture that consist of many of its own subculture and its knowledge of the history and principles of Hip Hop. Hip Hop can also be defined as an expression of the relationship between urban youth and their environment Hip Hop genre plays a huge role in our everyday lives of our young people.
Many believe that there is a serious issue with the forces behind the artists of today that are pushing them to create music about sex, drugs, and violence; however, if we could change the message of Hip Hop music back to when it all started back in the golden era, then today’s youth would still be subjected to negative views of society. However, the negative influence wouldn’t be glorified to the extent it has been in today’s youth.
In order to understand the phenomena of Hip Hop one must first create a foundation of knowledge through learning its history. Hip Hop began from a mixture of spoken words, like poetry and they add in jazz drumming and jazz instruments. The history of hip hop originated in the late 60's of the 20th century and continues to evolve to the present day. That what began more than 50 years ago and boiled over into a particular movement and culture. Hip hop culture started in New York City among the black and Latino who live in the ghetto. The definition of ghetto is: “a part of a city in which member of a particular group or race lives usually in poor conditions or the poorest part of a city”...

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