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Bad Moves. Essay

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Bad MovesI have never been excessively wealthy, but always was in good financial standing. Most would find comfort in that; I however found room for improvement. I am only twenty years of age so there is till time in my life to make my fortune. However, living in an area where millions of dollars could separate your home from your neighbors makes me constantly crave more than what I have, and in most case more than I can afford. For the duration of the summer any hours not spent at work were usually spent at a place that gave me the financial situation I desired, the track. Arlington International Race Track is the formal title it goes by, but it is simply the track to us. The group that attends consists of the same eight or nine guys with a few randoms who make there way out now and then. With a decent knowledge of horse racing and a little bit of luck any person can walk out of there with a good amount of cash in their hand.----------"Hey I'm out front," I said in a collective manner to my girlfriend. Which was difficult for me to do since I had been sitting in her driveway for ten minutes already."I'll be out in a sec!"I felt like saying who the fuck you kiddin', "O.K. Hun."I am not the most patient of people, and when it comes to gambling that truth grows greatly. The single guys have the luxury of being at the track a good hour before post, those of us who get the luxury of a girlfriend, well that's a different story."Morning, how are you?" I ask in a manner, which obviously shows I don't care. Her running late could cost me money, which doesn't settle well with me."You would not believe who showed up last night after you left," she somehow missed the anger in my voice, or just wanted to ignore it, "Matt Hess.""Holy shit, that is awesome!" She did not pick up on the anger before, lets hope otherwise for the sarcasm."I thought you like him?"" I did, until he made his goal in life to fuck you.""That is not how he is at all, all we ever do it talk."Jessie is a sweet girl and I love her to death, but she is naive. This Matt guy is a year older than me, and is as full of himself as one can be. He still relives his glory days a being a high school football star, and even more pathetic than that, promotes his college intramural championship as though it was mans greatest accomplishment. It scares me that in a year he will graduate from college and enter into society. So when Jessie says they talk, all I see is this assbag hitting on her with his glorified intramurals stories, and her being as sweet as she is showing full interest in them. Jessie enjoyed his company for some reason, maybe out of pity.----------It bothers me being late to the track, but to parade Jessie around the place it is well worth it. We were making the way through the crowds in an effort to place our bets, and I could see balding head turn as men's eyes left their brochures and studied my girlfriend's ass. You'd think with the kind of money these guys got riding on these...

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