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If my boss decided that I would be just the person to handle this project, I would approach the news channels and newspaper differently. First of all, I wouldn’t give out statements if I’m not a hundred percent sure because any false statement I can lose my career. Second of all, there should only be one news reporter to reports news of information on television to receive accurate information and not guessing on information being bought out from other reporter. I feel like reporters back in the days feels they need to impress their employer to get promoted, so information is being overheard and is not a hundred percent true but rumors. Third, if I’m assigned to this job I would be at the ...view middle of the document...

First of all control the information flow is the most an important rule because to is the flow of important information that is true and bought to tell the community and friends and family about the incident that happen. Second, I would give only one spokesperson to insure more accurate information and not twisting and turning the information and giving out inaccurate information. Last, I would post information online so people can be undated on the information what is being found and not lying to the public about the issue.
Manchin’s admonition to “please share all the factual information, good or bad.” I personally think what he means is don’t lie to the people about good news or bad news. The community, friends, families, and love ones deserved to know the truth and not be lying to the public about the good news but turn not false. So what he means is even though its bad news or good news just gets to the point and spit it out so people will know because sooner or later bad news will be reveal anyways.
First of all, mine recommendation on the news about the miners is check the list of miners that work that day and call their family and love ones to let them know that there’s an incident at the mine that there’s a chance that they’re stuck down there. Than after noticing the family report to the media about the incident but not mentioning any survivors until all the facts are true and final to be announced in public.
According to the Sandy Hook accident, this unexpected fatal experience was unavoidable. Gerard stated “The tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut will raise many questions about school safety and gun control.” This article by Gerard stated that media support can also lead to news failures due to lack of communication through the main source. When information is passed down from one person to another; information tends to change, which cause lack of evidences and meaning to the story being presented out to the public and media. For better prepare for this crisis, the school should prepare school teachers to go through training so this situation will not happen again where for example the Virginia tech shooting was a fatal incident that shock the world. According to this accident, professors and teachers should act quickly according to the situation when there is an active shooter on site, especially when the shooter already murder two students. Even so, the professors or any employee on campus did not attempt to do nothing for the past two hours and the shooter murdered another additional thirty more students. Gerard quoted “To the sad deaths of 32 people, extensive fines and court damages have...

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