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Bad, Or Just Downright Evil? Essay

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Evil is a characteristic that you see in everyday life, movies, plays, video games, and books such as Othello and The Lion King. In Othello, Shakespeare perceived Iago as amoral with a power to persuade people around him in believing his lies. A similar role was portrayed by Scar in Disney’s The Lion King, who became king by manipulating and deceiving others. Scar along with Iago was the primary antagonist in Disney’s The Lion King and Shakespeare’s Othello. The two evil doers share similar characteristics and qualities, but not many that will be a benefit. In Shakespeare’s Othello, Iago is a manipulative, deceitful, and committed treason just as Scar did in Disney’s The Lion King.
Manipulation can be defined as a deliberate thought process, not a behavior, but thought. A cognitive, artful planning, setting into motion a plan, an idea that we make into a reality. Iago and Scar shared a manipulative quality, giving them the ultimate power to mold their accomplice and manipulate everyone around them. In Shakespeare’s Othello, Iago was clever, beginning his plot of revenge by convincing Roderigo to “Follow thou the wars, defeat thy favor with an usurped beard. I say, put money in thy purse” (II.i.329-330). Iago never had one real motive for his actions, but he tells Roderigo “Despise me. If I do not.” Referring to the hatred he holds against Othello for passing him up for lieutenant (I.i.8-9). In Disney’s The Lion King, Scar uses three hyenas name Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed to kill the king, telling them “be prepare/For the death of the king” (The Lion King). Iago manipulates Roderigo into having false hope of winning the heart of Desdemona with his gold and money. Scar uses the hyenas as a means of overthrowing the kingdom and becoming king of pride lands.
Dishonest, misleading, insincere, and false are words that can describe Iago and Scar. These men are deceitful to characters they say they are most loyal too. Iago claims to Othello that he is loyal, just as Scar pretended to be loyal to Mufasa. Iago shows his false loyalty by telling Othello “[Cassio] is dead, 'Tis done at your request. But let her live.” (III.iii.489-490). In Disney’s The Lion King, Mufasa was brothers with Scar and loyalty should have not been question, but the jealous of not being king made Scar furious. As he murders Mufasa Scar uttered slowly and evilly “Long live the king” (The Lion King). They lived false lives and not to only others but even to their accomplices. Men like Scar and Iago can be deceitful and maintain that they are most loyal.
The offense of acting to overthrow one's government or to harm or kill its sovereign is called treason. Treason is a strong crime for Shakespeare’s time, Iago committed treason with Cassio by telling him speaking to Desdemona would help him get his position back, but it did nothing to help Cassio....

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