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Statistics reveal that a report of child abuse is made every ten seconds (“Child”). Generally eighty percent of child abuse cases accommodate an offender who is a relative, or someone the child trusts. Child abuse can result in mental retardation, blindness, deafness, loss of a limb, or even death (“Facts”). Joshua Houser, Duewa Lee, and Casey Anthony have all been accused of child abuse due to bad parenting.
Joshua Houser, step-father to Kilah Davenport, is sentenced to ten years in prison for child cruelty. On May 16, 2012, Houser was in his home with Kilah unattended (Williford). In an outburst of fury Houser rammed Kilah’s head against a wall, because she had soiled her pants ...view middle of the document...

“I had to stand in the corner, and I had to hold both of my hands in the air, and I had to hold one of my legs up. If I had one leg up, and let it down, she would hit me over the head with a spatula,” the girl testified in court (Furillo). Duewa Lee was a bad parent considering the physical abuse she put her step-daughter through.
In September of 2011, the twelve year old girl told a woman working at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Sacramento, “please, please help me.” Authorities were then notified, and freedom for the girl was on its way. Previous to the condemning of Duewa Lee, she stated, “I am not an abuser or danger to anyone;” yet, the jury found Lee guilty and the judge sentenced her to life in prison (Cavazini). Duewa Lee was charged with ten counts of child abuse, and one count of torture for her harsh conduct (“Women”).
In 2008, Casey Anthony was accused of murdering her two year old daughter, Caylee Anthony. During the trial, Casey was caught in numerous lies. She also gave investigators false information about Caylee’s nanny. She stated that Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez was the nanny, and had abducted Caylee; however, Gonzalez was entirely unreal. Anthony and her attorney, Jose Baez, professed that Caylee accidentally drowned in her parents’ pool. Evidently, Anthony did not confess this because she was afraid of her father, George Anthony. Casey Anthony insists that at the age of eight, her father began to sexually assault her. Conversely, George Anthony denied that he ever harmed his daughter in that kind of way (Cloud 1). As the readers can infer, Casey Anthony appeared guilty because of the large quantity of lies she told.
Casey Anthony’s lawyer admitted that Anthony had knowledge of the...

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