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Baderman Island Family Vacations Essay

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The role in that advertising plays for Baderman Island is very significant for business growth. Baderman Island counts on agencies to impact their target markets, therefore, the objective is for the Island to attract new and existing customers whom fit in the family vacationers market. The company's objectives, personality, image, strengths and weaknesses will all be explored. The style and approach of this campaign will also be developed.Objectives statementBaderman Island is an all inclusive resort destination that is surrounded by the Kelsey River. It boasts three main hotels to serve its guest. Baderman Island has many diverse activities that range from museums, to golf or even just a day at the beach. Since its inception in 1988 it has quickly become one of the world's top vacation destinations. This island is currently only 50% developed and with expansion plans on the horizon, Baderman Island must try to continue to grow their audience. The island is ideal for group and family travel because of its diverse activity list. Baderman Island's main objective will be to brand themselves as one of the top family destinations in the world.Support statementWith lives so hectic reconnecting with loved ones is important. Baderman Island is dedicated to making your family vacation dreams come true. Whether your family enjoys visiting art galleries, playing a game of golf, relaxing on the beach or in the spa you will enjoy the ultimate experience. We have a variety of restaurants to meet your needs from casual to elegant. Come visit our island and enjoy our beautiful tropical landscape. Let us cater to your every need while you spend time reconnecting with your family.Tone/Brand character statementFamily vacations are emotionally driven purchases; therefore, Baderman Island has decided to imply an emotional appeal in its advertisement messages. The tone of the messages will be friendly, but memorable. The Baderman message will "promise the best family vacations ever imagined." Baderman Island will be "where families come to reunite."Rational and Emotional AppealBaderman Island slogan is to "Relax, Enjoy and Indulge". Our rational is to cater to different types of target audiences while remaining fully engaged in meeting each group's needs. We are appealing to families since the majority of our target audience brings their family on vacation and we offer an array of activities.The advertising campaign will appeal to guests' emotions since the focal point is, "there is something for everyone to enjoy." Guest will be encouraged to relax on one of five beaches, get involved in the numerous water sports or play a round of golf on the grounds 18-hole golf course. Children are welcomed to play in the recreation area and parents can enjoy the spa. Baderman Island understands the need to balance the idea of "work hard and play hard." Creating a total vacation package that our guest envisioned before they arrived is Baderman's purpose.Brand Personality/Image of...

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