Baderman Island Staffing Strategies Essay

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Human resources are recognized as an organization that is only as good as its people. Organizations, large and small, have realized that to be competitive globally they need to have productive employees. Attracting the most qualified employees and matching them to the jobs for which they are best suited is significant for the success of any organization. In this paper I will evaluate Baderman Island Resort's recruitment and staffing strategies and discuss how their strategy is legally compliant. The Baderman Island is a self-contained, all-inclusive resort destination that features an array of restaurants, three different hotels, a convention center, the historic Neustadt Lighthouse, and an unlimited list of activities to entertain and relax one.Staffing StrategiesThe first step for any business is examining what type of staffing strategy to use when looking to hire potential new employees. A staffing strategy is defined as a strategy that focuses on the supplying of staff or employees for a specific job function within a company. The first step in developing the staffing strategy for any organization is looking at the staffing models from the other similar organization. Staffing models are related sets of reports, charts and graphs that are used to precisely understand how employee time is spent and at what cost. These sets of related charts and graphs provide both a broad and in-depth picture of work activity time and cost. The staffing plan then will allow the organization to forecast the future workflow, estimate the number of employees and predict potential problems that may arise in the facility.Hiring Policies and GoalsThe Boardman Management Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer who follows the philosophy of recognizing the individual attributes and values that each of its employees brings to the job, with respect and acknowledgment. These principles allow the company to successfully reach its goals of providing excellent customer services and ultimately corporate profitability. The Boardman Management Group human resources (BMG-HR) handles payroll, benefits and provides an employee liaison for employees to ask questions and request clarification on policies and procedures. Some of the rule that that is followed for recruitment and retention are that the organization ensures that the hiring of individuals is based on equal rights and allow for the advancement of employees based on merit, skills, and performance. Following EEOC guidelines, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, military status or other categories that are considered protected by federal, state or local law is strictly enforced.The second step in determining what type of staffing strategy to use is to look at the specific job prerequisites and determine where to look for the type of employee needed to fill that position. Training new employees to do specifically skilled jobs can be an expensive and slow process therefore; many...

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