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Five Steps to Arrange For Bail While in Jail

If you or a loved one has been arrested and booked into jail, your first thoughts will probably be about securing their release. In our experience, this is very important, particularly if your loved one is incarcerated in Texas. As you know, the Texas jails can be a very difficult place. You'll want to make sure that they are home and safe, able to prepare for court. As you know, time spent in jail can also impact employment. Maintaining a good work history will help throughout the legal process, as well as provide much needed income.
In order to arrange for bail, you'll want to follow the following steps.
Find Out the Bail
The first step is the simplest: find out the bail. Whether or not a bail is set will depend, in part, on the charges. Sometimes bail is a standard amount and you will be told the amount within a few hours. Other times, bail is set before ...view middle of the document...

This might influence the bail amount that is eventually ordered.
Remember Your Phone Call
If you are in jail, remember to use your phone call wisely. You will want to call someone who will act as your advocate. If the bail amount is low, it's possible that you can meet the cost from your own funds. If the cost is too high, as it is for most people, it's best to call a professional bondsman service. Remember that by using a bondman you will be able use more of your savings, if necessary, on your case.
Choosing a Bondsman
If you are trying to choose a bondsman service, try to find a service that knows your particular jail and is familiar with the jurisdiction of your arrest. A company with local experience will be able to work efficiently with the jail and the courts, to make certain that you are released as soon as possible. At Maverick Bail Bondsman, we have extensive experience in the following areas: Dallas, Garland, Rowlett, Richardson, Carrollton, Lewisville, Mesquite, Grand Prairie, Irving, Duncanville, Desoto and Oak Cliff.
Next, look for a company with a proven track record of professionalism. If you have been arrested and are in jail, the priority is getting home. In the bonds business, experience counts.
Finally, find out if they provide 'extra' services. At Maverick, for instance, we will come to your home to help arrange a bond. If necessary, we will arrange a release over the phone. We are even available to help transport you or your loved one to their residence. Many releases are made in the middle of the night when it's impossible to arrange a ride. We see our job as serving our customer and we will do what is necessary to ensure that you are released and at home.

The Bond
The bond is basically an agreement between the person that is arrested and bond service company. We will cover the majority of the bail. You will pay a small percentage of that total in addition to a fee that will cover the cost of the bond service. It's easy and simple.
Return to Court
When you return to court, you will get some of your money back. The percentage that you paid towards the bond will be returned to you. It's that simple.

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