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Bakery Numbers Essay

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Finale's reputation for providing high qualitydesserts and maintaining above averagecustomer service motivated members of ourteam to observe and analyze the bakery'soperational process. Its outstandingperformance was recognized when therestaurant was chosen as the Best of Boston2000 in the dessert category and wasfeatured on the Food Network. All teammembers participated in the observation anddata collection process. The task time andefficiency analysis was assigned to threeteam members while the other two membersanalyzed ways to improve the process anddeveloped the appropriate recommendations.Between Monday, March 19 and Saturday,March 24, 2001, we went to Finale onColumbus Avenue at Park ...view middle of the document...

Customer waiting period 2.Customer places order 3.Preparation of box/packaging 4.Obtaining the product 5.Wrapping/ placing product in box6. Tying box 7. PaymentThe process begins with the customerplacing the order. Once the order is placed,employees use their skill along withmaterials, such as boxes, ribbon, and waxpaper, to produce a finalized output withadded value. The value is added to theprovided materials in the following manner.The employee gets the necessary box inwhich the dessert will be packaged. Then, theemployee's skill is used to assemble the box.The employee obtains the requesteddessert(s), wraps them and places theproducts in the box. Again, employee skill andmaterial (ribbon) is used to tie the box. Theemployee proceeds to ring up the customer'spurchase. Once the process is finished, thecompleted output consists of a properlywrapped dessert that meets customersatisfaction.Our observation and analysis of the tasksinvolved in the process accounts fordifferences in average time per taskdepending on the size of the order andwhether the process takes place during peakor non-peak hours. Peak time includes thehours 11am to 9pm on Friday, Saturday, andSunday and 4pm to 7pm other weekdays for atotal of 42 peak hours per week. Theremaining 32 hours of operation areconsidered non-peak hours due to the lowervolume of customers.The average task times are as follows:Peak Non-Peak1. Customer waiting period 240 sec 60 sec2. Customer places order 13 sec 18 sec3. Preparation of box/packaging 3 sec 3 sec4. Obtaining the product 15 sec 10 sec5. Wrapping/ placing product in box 13 sec13 sec 6. Tying box 10 sec 10sec 7. Payment 15 sec 10 secBased on the task times the process'throughput time during non-peak hours is 2min. per customer and 5 min 45 sec duringpeak hours. The cycle time for the process...

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