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Balance, Not Burnout College Essay

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College is a “one size fits all” that becomes imposed upon teenagers when it might not be the correct fit for some individuals. Extravagant parental aspirations have become noxious to student’s academic drive. Teens are “collapsing” from exponential amounts of pressure from parents and teachers. Society stigmas have become that extra piece of hay that breaks the horse’s back. Because pressure from extraordinarily high parental aspirations, parents and teachers, society stigmas, students are under too much pressure to attend college.
Stress also derives from high parental aspirations. This could be anywhere from “achieving a certain grade point average”, to “conflict with parents regarding career direction” (Peer, et al. 93). Parents have great intentions to push their kids to greater heights, but contrary to what parents believe this is detrimental to their future and academic performance. Stress can “bleed” over into other aspects of life as well, not just college. For example, stress can cause emotional damage and physical pain. Emotional damage induced by stress can cause depression and other mental illnesses. Physical pain induced by stress can cause splitting headaches, vomiting, and abdominal cramps. Simply raising expectations is not an effective solution.
Teens are shattering under “intense pressure” (Trudeau, 1) from parents and teachers. These sheer amounts of pressure can “ultimately lead to cheating, sleep deprivation, worrying, eating disorders, loss of interests, burnout or withdrawal from family or friends” describes Jack Park as he gives his own personal recollect of his college experience. Jack also mentions that “Stress and anxieties that come with college can affect grades”. Grades begin to fluctuate and decline because students are not in their optimal state of mind before tests, and failing to get adequate sleep to function properly. Teenagers make it difficult to identify cases of anxiety since they usually will not talk or complain about the symptoms.
Teenagers are also pressured from social stigmas so much that they feel obligated to abide by these uncanny customs. One of these stigmas is that if you do not immediately attend college after high school than you are a failure. While this is not spoken, it is an understood precedent throughout communities. Some people just...

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