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Balance Of Values And Academic Freedom Of Inquiry

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In the process of life we face many challenges and manycrossroads. We have many choices and many decisions to make.In making these decisions we must keep in mind the moralvalues our parents have taught us since we were born. ThoseChristian values should guide our lives and the choices wemake. These same values should also guide at school as well. Inour pursuit of knowledge, we should keep these values in mind.In our never-ending road of learning, we are granted withmany academic freedoms. We have the freedom to question andtry to learn new ideas. We also have the freedom to disagreewith the material presented to us. We can disagree and voice ouropinions, but in an orderly fashion.In exercising those freedoms, we should do so withmaturity and responsibility. As students, we are responsible forlearning all the content of any course we study. We are free totake exception to the views or information presented to us, andwe are free to reserve judgment about matters of opinions.Sometimes, in our quest for knowledge, there becomes aconflict between our beliefs we are accustomed to and thematerial presented to us. When there is a difference, we shouldnot ignore the idea or block it out. We should feel free to learnand question new ideas. Just because we learn somethingdoesn't mean we have to accept it. We should leave ourselvesopen to new ideas. When we do this we become very wellrounded individuals.An example of this is the issue involving the debatebetween evolution and creationism. As Christians, we naturallybelieve in creationism, but we shouldn't stop...

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