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Balanced Score Essay

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Balanced Score


In this paper I will discuss and explains the critical thinking on how you derived your objectives from your vision, mission, values, and SWOTT analysis.


Our vision is to build a well run and respected company that creates a nationwide fashion while providing handbags and accessories with cartoon characters and scriptures from the bible. Vision defines where the organization wants to be in the future. It reflects the optimistic view of the organization's future. A Vision statement: outlines what a company wants to be. It concentrates on future; a source of inspiration; it provides clear decision-making criteria. Mission defines where the organization is going now, describing why this organization exists (Anonymous, 2008). A Mission statement: tells you what the company is now. It concentrates on present; it defines the customer’s critical processes and it informs you about the desired level of performance. Many people mistake vision statement for mission statement. The Vision describes a future identity and the Mission describes why it will be achieved. A Vision statement defines the purpose or broader goal for being in existence or in the business. It serves as an ongoing guide without time frame. The vision can remain the same for decades if crafted well. Mission is more specific in terms of objective and future state. Mission is related to some form of achievement if successful.


Our mission is to provide is to provide inspirational and fun pocketbooks thought the use of cartoons characters and scripture from the bible. A mission statement can resemble a vision statement in a few companies, but that can be a grave mistake. It can confuse people. The vision statement can galvanize the people to achieve defined objectives, even if they are stretch objectives, provided the vision is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound). A mission statement provides a path to realize the vision in line with its values. These statements have a direct bearing on the bottom line and success of the organization (Anonymous, 2008). Which comes first, the mission statement or the vision statement? That depends. If you have a new start up business, new program or plan to re engineer your current services, then the vision will guide the mission statement and the rest of the strategic plan. If you have an established business where the mission is established, then many times, the mission guides the vision statement and the rest of the strategic plan (Anonymous, 2008). Features of an effective vision statement may include:

• Clarity and lack of ambiguity

• Paint a vivid and clear picture, not ambiguous

• Describing a bright future (hope)

• Memorable and engaging expression

To become truly effective, an organizational vision statement must (the theory states) become assimilated into the organization's culture...

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