Balancing A Career And A Family

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Balancing A Career and A Family


Regardless of where they are in their careers, working mothers have a tough time achieving balance between work and family. Generally, women take on or are given more responsibility for their homes than are men, leading to frustration and exhaustion. In this paper we will address some of the issues involved in balancing career and family. This paper will provide some solutions for the most common problems arising from todays busy schedules, and provide some insight on how to make the most of your time.

The Scales of Life

Working all day and then coming home to a young child can be difficult, at best. After putting all one’s energy into doing his/her job well -- answering to a boss's, co-workers', clients', and/or employees' demands. The last thing a parent may feel like doing is answering to their child's. However, these thoughts just make people feel guilty. These and other problems are more common in today’s households than society may realize. The stresses people face in the workplace today are far more demanding than they were during their parents careers.

Today’s workforce is made up of just as many women as men, and in many cases, both parents have careers which leaves little in the way of quality time for children, and/or social time for adults. This essay will explore some solutions that others have used to change their lives, and careers for the better.

One of the most common reasons for high levels of stress in families today, is caused by dissatisfaction and/or tension in the workplace. People have often heard the addage “Leave your Job at the Office”, but how many are capable of just turning things off, when they leave for the day? Not many, and because of this inability to segregate one’s personal life from his/her career, much of society is left with the burden of two priorities that often bear the same weight. For research purposes 5 people, (3 males 2 females) were asked if they were satisfied with there current job. If so, why? …If not, why?

Four of the Five people interviewed stated that they were unhappy with their present jobs for various reasons. Three of the unhappy canditates were women, who stated that there positions at work held no opportunity for advancement, and had little or no flexibility for personal matters.

The male of the group, stated that his current position at work was very competitive, and that he was constantly under pressure to perform well or risk losing his job to someone else. Job security was non-existent, and his benefits left much to be desired. He also stated that while he had seriously contemplated finding another job, the fear of making the leap was more than he was able to overcome. He has a wife and two children to provide for, and could not afford to be without work for more than a week.

Of these four dissatisfied people, The questions were asked:
• Have you thought about changing careers, or job locations?

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