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Balancing Money And The Economy Essay

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The nature and necessity of money is one singular fact that responds to every thing in nature. It holds together the very essence of our beloved intricate nature, every local, regional or international issue of any significance could have been handled differently could there have been more or less of this money. The money factor has taken the centre stage of every heart beat of each and every agenda and it predetermines and dictates our very existence. Our relationships with most of what we seek identity with, whether object or human, is best defined by our relationship with this paper currency. The geographical positions and the variations in the environmental factors that surround us could have been shaped by that instant that we lacked or had extra of this very money. As we speak now multitudes of people are; on train headed to their offices or businesses, tilling their farms, relaxing in a beach or headed to the moon, all of this people could be elsewhere doing extremely different things if only they had lacked or if their could have afforded extra of this money. So what is this monster that we so much adore, though we all don’t want to?
Want or need?
Every country that has a population will always tie the foot of every productive citizen to make sure they return back to submit part of their earnings, they would in turn invest this to circular regional or international trades to earn interest. Whoever wants money must give out part of what he has and failure to do that is simply unforgivable and will lead to the person getting nothing in return. Those who give more would receive more in paid out interests, but for those who give nothing will as well have nothing in return to give and to receive, this creates a cyclic effect where the rich become richer and the poor end up dying desperate. The rich at times may device ways and means to ensure that they don’t loose their position in the world of the abundance by suppressing the poor using their vast resources. They close the poor in cages of dependence where they dish help in piecemeal that is properly crafted to ensure that it cannot lift them from their abject poverty but it will maintain them alive to keep on worshiping the giver. Those individual and countries that trades with higher interest on the money they have borrowed will attract more money into their bosoms as everyone runs away from those unwilling to be generous. The extra coins in the country will encourage many investors to put their money in fixed assets such as land hence increase the prices of such assets, a fact that will put them far away from the reach of those with insufficient of this money. Business blossoms in such circumstances forcing more and more people to keep on borrowing.
Excessive want of money in a given country significantly affects the products of trade in that country by lowering its money value. This is because it reduces the demand of such trade products and in such a case the price of land would be...

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