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Balancing Scale (A Essay On How To Improve Food Issues In America) Class Essay

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Harvey 1
Corinne Jean Harvey
Composition 110
Professor Ullman
Harvey 1
“Balancing Scale”
Eating habits are very diverse throughout the world. The foods and techniques of cooking depend on aspects such as region, culture, climate, and religion. In the United States people are noticing and beginning to openly discuss the clear issues with food in the country. Unhealthy eating choices are provided at cheaper prices and are more easily accessible. Even though American has always been a proud and structured nation, still many of its people go hungry. Many of the nation’s citizens are considered obese, and still there is not enough food for everyone.
Many options are available around the clock; late night drive thru, twenty four hour grocery stores, and all night diners. No matter what an individual is craving at anytime, a person can eat just about anything they want. However distinctive, individual eating choices feel, these decisions about food are not made solely by one person’s own thoughts. These decisions are often made with a great deal of influence from the culture around the individual. Sources such as commercials, social media, mailed coupons, location, fad diets and price are all contributing factors weighing in on the out come.. All these influences are the building blocks to construct the thoughts to formulate the opinion resulting in the choice of the individuals desired food. What if people were surrounded by fresh meats and farmers markets? And Campaigns advertising natural balanced diets instead of the latest way to lose weight? If these were the main streams of food advertisements and information, It is likely the American way of eating and food oriented choices would soon follow. The most sensible choices are going to be what is accessesable, and time and cost effective.
Low income neighborhoods in the cities of America are often referred to as a food desert. This is a place where it is difficult to find fresh fruit, vegetables, and meats. There are few grocery stores and they are only accessible by personal vehicle or public transportation. People that live in food deserts often...

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