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Bald Headed And London Essay

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It has been a long summer working day. When I was driving home, my friend called me that he had an awesome idea and he needs to see if we agree. I didn’t have a clue what is he talking about or what the idea was about. We met at the usual place like every day after our shifts. So we have gathered to hear that idea he had. He was the last one coming and we were all impatient to hear that idea.
Finally, he came after waiting thirty minutes for him. His idea was that we go to London in two days that he found cheap flight tickets and we would stay with his uncle who lived over there. He said that he already bought cards for three of us so we must go. At first we were shocked about the idea and ...view middle of the document...

Before the flight, they both cut their hair to bald. We were making jokes about these cheap flight tickets that they are tickets for airplanes that may be able to crash somewhere. We called them “If you arrive you arrive or better fortune next time”. We were taking pictures that maybe could be the last pictures in our lives; we were making fun of our trip. They called our flight number that we need to get in line and go to the checkpoint.
We were nervous and at that time border control was not even genteel. They were asking stupid questions like; Have you money for London? Do you know how to speak English? They were laughing with each other what “cool” sarcastic question they ask. We passed them, now we are entering the airplane that was the hardest part. When we entered the plane a stewardess told us that we can sit where ever we want. We sit in the middle of the plane; we thought that from those seats, we could get the perfect view in the sky. But we failed; we got a perfect view for the plane’s wings.
Everyone was so quiet inside, only we were chatting. Some of the passengers told us to be quiet that we are too loud. The pilot started the engines which gave out a loud roar, and then it began to move. Soon it was in the air and flew higher and higher. I thought my brain will blow up with this pressure. One was making jokes that our brain is going to come out with the pressure. I thought it would be nice; maybe I will get better brain. I looked through the window and enjoyed the beautiful view.
After a while we landed in London now it is time to go to border check. There were two lines, one was for European Union countries and the other one was for non European Union countries. Back then we were not a European Union country, but of course we waited in line only for EU countries. We were thinking that we are special kids and they would let us through that line. After waiting in that line for like an hour we realized that we are in the wrong line because we heard in that other line people were speaking our language. So we changed very fast to the other line, but we needed to fill up some papers till we get to the border control. And of course we didn’t pick the papers at the tables behind the lines. Nothing went well in that border room.
And finally...

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